Democrats turned to Rush Limbaugh for this plan to defeat Trump

Jan 26, 2024

Democrats want to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

The Left turned to a surprising source for inspiration.

And Democrats turned to Rush Limbaugh for this plan to defeat Trump.

The 2008 Democrat Presidential Primary contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton went all the way to the convention.

Rush Limbaugh played a hand in extending the race by telling his listeners to participate in something he called “Operation Chaos.”

The GOP Primary was long since decided, so Limbaugh wanted to have a little fun.

He told his audience that they should vote in the Democrat Primary in their state for whichever candidate was behind to keep the race going.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Limbaugh explained that his ultimate goal was to prevent either Clinton or Obama from wrapping up the nomination by winning the requisite number of pledged delegates and forcing the Super Delegates – Party bigwigs and elected officials – to cast the deciding votes, which would infuriate the loser’s supporters and fracture the Party ahead of the General Election.

“The endgame is to see that neither of these candidates can win by virtue of the primaries,” Limbaugh explained. “One or the other will win only when the superdelegates decide who they want. And whoever the supers choose will infuriate the loser’s supporters. More chaos.”

A variation of Operation Chaos was at play in New Hampshire, as Joe Biden voters infiltrated the GOP Primary due to state laws that allowed Independents to vote in whichever Party Primary they chose and cast a ballot for RINO former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Trump massacred Haley with registered Republicans by 74-25.

In his victory speech, Trump called out this skullduggery as an attempt to make him look weak by artificially inflating Haley’s vote total.

“They’re only voting because they want me to look as bad as possible, because, if you remember, we won in 2016, and if you really remember and you want to play it straight, we also won in 2020,” Trump declared.

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