Democrats will burst into tears when they see the results of one shocking new poll

Feb 8, 2024

Joe Biden and his campaign are trying to reassure nervous Democrats that they have a plan to defeat Donald Trump.

More and more people on the Left are beginning to harbor doubts that this is the case.

And now Democrats will burst into tears when they see the results of one shocking new poll.

The Biden campaign, Never-Trump RINOs, and members of the media all smugly believed that once it became clear Donald Trump was going to win the GOP Presidential nomination, the polls would magically flip, and Biden would regain the lead as voters were jolted into the realization that Trump could come back to the White House.

But this has proven to be another foolhardy assumption on the part of Trump haters.

A brand-new CNN poll finds Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by 49 to 45 percent.

This poll was taken in the wake of a jury in Democrat New York City awarding E. Jean Carroll $83 million in a defamation suit against Trump after he denied her allegation that he raped her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s, providing further evidence that the American people recognize all of these court cases are nothing more than a Democrat Party witch hunt.

Internal poll numbers contained even worse news for Biden.

88 percent of Republicans believe Trump has a realistic shot to win the election, compared to just 29 percent who believe Biden can win.

But a near-super majority of Democrats think Trump will end up the winner of the 2024 election.

“While most Democrats see Biden as having a realistic shot at winning a second term (80% of Democratic-aligned voters say so), most also see Trump as having a real shot at the White House (61%), and a narrow majority say that Biden is not the candidate who brings the Democratic Party its best chance to win. In the new poll, 53% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say their party has a better chance to win in 2024 with someone else at the top of the ticket,” CNN reported.

Even Democrats admit Biden is too old to serve another four years in the White House.

“Democratic concerns about Biden remain concentrated around his age. Nearly half, 46%, cite his age when asked to name their biggest concern about him as a presidential candidate, with 5% mentioning his mental competence or sharpness, 2% citing worries about his ability to handle the job and 2% worrying that he wouldn’t live through a second term. About 3% say it’s not his age that concerns them personally, but ageism and how his age is perceived by others,” CNN also reported.

If Biden’s own Party thinks he’s too senile and physically decrepit to carry out his duties as Commander-in-Chief, then it’s no wonder why Donald Trump is winning nearly 50 percent of the vote against him.

Elections with a sitting President are always a referendum on how Americans feel about their time in office.

No matter how many times Democrats indict Trump or sue him, the simple fact is the American people think Biden failed as President, and the polls reflect that sentiment.

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