Dennis Quaid discovered a surprising secret about Ronald Reagan

Jul 3, 2024

Dennis Quaid is one of the most recognizable actors of his generation.

Quaid is also one of the few openly conservative actors in Hollywood.

And Dennis Quaid discovered a surprising secret about Ronald Reagan.

Quaid discusses his role as Ronald Reagan

Dennis Quaid stars as Ronald Reagan in the biopic, Reagan, which is set to release nationwide on August 30.

But as Quaid told Fox News, he was offered the role for six years and didn’t immediately commit to the project for one reason.

Reagan was his favorite President, and everyone knew what Reagan looked and sounded like so Quaid feared that any film portrayal would fall short of the image Americans have of the 40th President in their mind’s eye.

“I didn’t say no, and I didn’t say yes because, really, fear,” Quaid explained.

“Reagan was my favorite President personally, and he was also such a recognizable figure around the world, sort of like Muhammad Ali,” Quaid added.

“Everybody knew what he looked like, sounded like, and so that was a pretty scary proposition,” Quaid continued.

Quaid told Fox that until he could fully understand Reagan as a person, he didn’t want to commit to the film, since he said he didn’t just want to “impersonate” Reagan.

“It was about feeling like I was going to be judged and feeling unworthy. He was the great communicator and all that. But I didn’t want to do an impersonation of him. I wanted to really kind of get to the core of who he was as a person. So, I put off saying yes.”

How Quaid got to know Reagan

Quaid said it was a visit to the Reagan Ranch that got him in the proper mindset to take the role, as his visit revealed to him that Reagan was a humble man and not one of great wealth.

“He was not a rich man, and there was a humility about him that was kind of the bedrock of who he was,” Quaid stated.

Quaid said the photos Americans would see of Reagan doing field work on the ranch weren’t some staged photo op and that Reagan did the work himself.

Quaid also revealed that in conversations with people who knew Reagan, they said there was a part of him that he walled off from everyone else.

Quaid explained this was where Reagan’s faith came into play as Reagan only wanted this aspect of his life and his thoughts to be known to God.

“I think that part of him had to do with his faith, that to go to a place where he had that personal relationship with his maker. And I think that was his guiding light. He was a man who, he governed as president – and also governor of California – on principle, not on the winds of change, you know, or what was popular at the time or trending,” Quaid concluded.

Most moviegoers would be skeptical that a Hollywood film would fairly portray a Republican President.

That won’t be the case with Reagan.

Quaid reveres the subject, and the trailer makes it clear this movie is a positive look at a President many rate among the greatest of all time.

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