Desperate Democrats in Ohio are showing their true racist colors against Vance

Oct 21, 2022

Ohio used to be a true bellwether, a purple state that could swing in either direction depending on the overall political mood of the country. 

But the state has shifted decidedly red in recent years. 

So much so that desperate Democrats in Ohio are showing their true racist colors against Vance. 

Vance vs. Ryan 

RINO Sen. Rob Portman is retiring – leaving his Ohio U.S. Senate seat open. 

Portman’s retirement quickly led to a crowded field of Republicans seeking to replace him. 

One of those Republicans was Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance. 

Vance struggled in the middle of the pack, until he won the all-important endorsement from former President Donald Trump. 

With Trump’s support, Vance soared to the top of the race and won the primary. 

Following the bloody primary, Vance shifted gears to Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan – who didn’t have much of a primary challenge to survive. 

Ryan was able to focus on the general election and spend his money building a narrative of him as a maverick Democrat willing to buck his party leadership and find middle ground with Republicans. 

However, the truth is Ryan has a 100% Democrat party-line voting record and even bragged about “sucking up” to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who Ryan called his, “future boss.” 

As the Vance campaign has spread the truth about Ryan’s record, Vance has made a comeback and is now leading in the polls. 

In fact, he has a 2.5-point advantage over Ryan in the RealClearPolitics average.

Vance has led every poll released in the month of October, and that has Democrats starting to panic – having once looked at the Buckeye State as a potential pickup opportunity enroute to keeping their majority in the Upper Chamber. 

A racist political cartoon from Ryan supporters 

In their desperation, Ryan and his party have shown their true colors. 

A political cartoon recently published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer poked fun of Vance for having an Indian wife and biracial children. 

The cartoon stems from the fact that in a primary debate, Vance said candidate Matt Dolan – whose family owns the Cleveland Guardians – “caved to woke pressure,” in changing the name of the Indians. 

The paper is using that to try and paint Vance as a racist. 

Vance destroys Ryan in the debates 

It’s nothing new, in fact, Rep. Ryan has tried to use Vance’s support of a border wall and strict immigration policies to insinuate the military vet must be racist and that the husband of an Indian woman and father of two biracial children must support the “great replacement” theory.  

In a debate between the two, Vance torched Ryan for the insinuation. 

“This is disgusting, here’s exactly what happens when the media and people like Tim Ryan accuse me of engaging in the ‘great replacement theory,’” Vance said with authority. “My own children, my biracial children get attacked by scumbags – online and in person – because you (Ryan) are so desperate for political power that you’ll accuse me, the father of three beautiful biracial babies as engaging in racism. We are sick of it.” 

Vance then took the opportunity to distinguish the difference between wanting border security and being racist. 

“You can believe in a border without being a racist,” Vance proclaimed. “You can believe in the country without being a racist. And this just shows how desperate this guy is for political power. I know you’ve been in office for 20 years Tim, and I know it’s a sweet gig, but you’re so desperate not to have a real job that you’ll slander me and slander my family. It’s disgraceful.” 

Virtually every objective observer of the two Vance vs. Ryan debates declared Vance as the clear winner. 

We will find out November 8 if it’s enough to keep the seat in GOP hands. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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