Donald Trump accepted one resignation that turned 2024 upside down

Feb 8, 2024

Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee for President.

Trump is already shaking things up.

And now Donald Trump accepted one resignation that turned 2024 upside down.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel bowed to pressure and announced her intention to resign following the February 24 South Carolina Presidential Primary.

McDaniel made the decision after a two-hour meeting with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

“The Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, has told former President Donald Trump that she is planning to step down shortly after the South Carolina Primary on Feb. 24, according to two people familiar with the plans,” the New York Times reported.

Trump reportedly plans to recommend North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley to succeed McDaniel in the upcoming election to pick a new RNC Chair.

“Mr. Trump is then likely to promote the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, Michael Whatley, as her replacement, according to several people familiar with the discussions. Under the arcana of the committee’s rules, however, Mr. Trump cannot simply install someone. A new election must take place, and Mr. Whatley could face internal party dissent,” the New York Times also reported.

Whatley became North Carolina State GOP Chair in June of 2019, and on his watch, Republicans in the Tar Heel State have dramatically sliced into the Democrat Party’s voter registration edge.

Over the last year, McDaniel has become the face of failure for the GOP after disappointing 2022 and 2023 election cycles.

Fundraising suffered, as the RNC reported only having $8 million cash on hand entering 2024.

McDaniel also faced negative stories about how the RNC spent $1.5 million on limos, media consultants, and floral arrangements.

The RNC Chair’s number-one task is fundraising.

McDaniel was clearly falling short in that regard, and many conservatives were hankering for a change at the top.

That change is finally here, and it will be up to the new Chairman to right the ship and increase fundraising.

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