Donald Trump called out Biden for this ridiculous policy change

Dec 30, 2022

The Biden regime has been one disaster after another. 

One of the worst failures of the Biden administration has been letting our southern border get overrun, and it seems to be getting even worse. 

And Donald Trump just called out Biden for this ridiculous policy change.

Democrats like Joe Biden want to grant citizenship to as many immigrants as possible as quickly as possible. 

The reason is simple, it’s to give them an electoral advantage and help them reshape the country into a socialist hellhole. 

They are dumbing down the citizenship test

The Biden administration has recently announced plans to make the citizenship test easier to pass. 

One key change is to make open ended questions multiple choice, or as former President Trump put it, multiple guess. 

Currently, citizen applicants are given 10 questions on American civics, and must get six of them right. 

These are questions such as “name a branch of government” and “name a right that is protected by the First Amendment.”

Simply being able to correctly answer 6 out of 10 is not a particularly high bar for someone to be given citizenship and be allowed to vote in our elections. 

Frankly, someone who can’t pass this test has no business voting in American elections, but the Democrat Party relies on voters that are ignorant of the Constitution. 

Donald Trump blasted the move to make the test easier. 

“I don’t like making it easier,” Trump told Breitbart News. “I think people should go through a process. I’m all for legal immigration, but what’s happened in the last two years has probably never happened in any country in history. I think you have over 12 million people who will have come in in a very short period of time—not to mention the drugs and the human trafficking and all the other things that come with it. No, I don’t think we should make citizenship easy. We should make citizenship responsible—you have to be responsible if you come in to be a citizen. I would disagree with it.”

Trump said he didn’t want to make citizenship more difficult, but more responsible. 

It’s all about votes

The push to dumb down the citizenship test exposes Democrats’ open borders agenda for what it is, a cynical ploy to get more votes. 

If it were simply about taking in legitimate asylum seekers or filling jobs that Americans won’t take, citizenship wouldn’t be the issue. 

You can grant work visas and temporary legal status without ever having to grant citizenship. 

But Democrats want citizenship for two key reasons: eligibility to vote and to receive federal welfare benefits. 

Democrats have spent decades buying votes to remain in power by creating a dependent class that continues to vote for them to ensure they can stay on the government dole. 

With mass immigration, Democrats see an opportunity to expand on this tactic to give themselves permanent power. 

And the more ignorant said voters are of the U.S. Constitution, the better. 

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