Donald Trump can’t even enjoy an afternoon outdoors without Democrats losing their minds

Sep 15, 2022

Democrats have hated the policies of past Republican Presidents.

But their hatred reached nuclear levels the moment Donald Trump made that memorable trip down the escalator.

Now the mere sight or even mention of Trump sends Democrats rushing for the keyboard to type something insane.

The irrational hatred of Donald Trump

In his time in the White House, Donald Trump led the way to economic records like our country has never seen before.

The stock market was up, labor force participation rate was up, wages were up, prices and taxes were down.

Trump also led us through a period of peace and safety.

Illegal crossings at the border were down significantly, crime rates were down, no new wars, and several peace treaties in the Middle East were signed.

Despite fear mongering from Democrats, Hispanic, black and gay Americans saw increases in both their paychecks and freedom during the Trump Administration.

But still, the level of hate and vitriol from the Left toward the 45th President of the United States has never been seen before – and may never be seen again.

In fact, the man who owns 16 golf courses worldwide – and 12 here in the United States – can’t even hit the links without causing a meltdown on Twitter.

The former President recently took his driver and putter out for 18 at a course he owns in the Washington, D.C. area.

And it didn’t take long for the blue checkmarks on Twitter to go insane.

What is he doing in Washington, D.C.?

Trump wasn’t expected that day in the Nation’s Capital, so, when news broke he was spotted at Virginia’s Dulles Airport, rumors and speculation ran wild.

Radicals from Hollywood were quick to react and pass judgment before knowing the facts.

“How great would it be if Trump’s arrival in DC yesterday was for the unveiling of his Official Mug Shot,” far-Left Director Rob Reiner asked.

“I know we’re all wondering why Trump is in DC, but did you know that a woman’s right to her own body autonomy has been eliminated by the Supreme Court,” Soap Opera actress Valarie Bertinelli incorrectly asserted.

Some Democrats jumped to wild conspiracy theories involving gold cleats and medical or legal emergencies.

Others – likely the same people who twice convinced themselves the U.S. Senate would convict Trump of his witch hunt impeachments – thought Trump’s arrest was sure to finally happen.

Still others hinted at organizing protests and harassing the former President.

“I have it on good authority and according to someone familiar with the situation, Trump is in DC and might even eat, drink, and use the bathroom while he’s there,” PolitiBunny tweeted. “YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, RIGHT? RIIIIIGHT?!”

Of course, radical leftists have been known to storm areas where conservative politicians and even Supreme Court Justices are eating or enjoying private time to protest, boycott, and harass.

The truth is . . .

But if these people had a Truth Social account, they would have known the former President was merely “working” at one of his world-class golf resorts.

“Working today at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River,” Trump posted, along with a link to the club. “What an incredible place!”

Coming up on two years out of office and Donald Trump can still play his haters like a fiddle.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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