Donald Trump delivered terrible news to the conservative movement about the tragic loss of this legend

Jan 12, 2023

It’s hard to find authentic conservative personalities.

It’s even harder to find ones who can both lay some heat and take a punch.

And Donald Trump delivered terrible news to the conservative movement about the tragic loss of this legend.

In politics, it’s a heck of a lot easier to be a leftist who just goes with the flow and the direction of our society.

You could go on and on all day listing the hacks for the Left who just spew their talking points and make a quick buck while they attack our way of life.

But on the conservative side, the list of actual conservative personalities willing to stand up to the woke outrage mob is very short.

In fact, you could probably count them all on one hand.

That’s because the average person in America wants the easy road of joining the Left rather than getting ridiculed and slandered like many on the Right have been.

And that’s what makes this loss so tragic.

Diamond & Silk led the way for conservatives

Conservative personalities Diamond and Silk were there holding the line for the conservative movement in 2016.

The duo grew up in the heart of North Carolina and were raised as Democrats.

But after living through the horrors of the Left’s ideology in practice and seeing through the Left’s lies, the African American duo switched to the conservative movement to spread a message of hope and opportunity.

And Diamond and Silk really took off when they joined the Trump campaign at many campaign rallies to warm up the crowd and defend Trump from the lies spewed by the corporate-controlled media.

Their commentary and energy at the rallies were second to none.

Once Donald Trump won over the heart of America, in part thanks to Diamond and Silk, and became President of the United States, they became conservative sensations themselves with appearances on many shows that we love.

And boy did the Left hate them for their ability to connect with the American people and show them the way to save our nation by joining forces with the conservative movement.

But Diamond and Silk could take the heat and dish it out when necessary.

Who can forget when the dynamic duo went on Fox News and called former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a “non-functioning alcoholic.”

They they even released a movie called “Dummycrats” going after the idiocy that infests Democrats and leftists.

Tragic loss for our movement

But sadly we learned of the passing of Diamond, Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, from a eulogy President Trump posted on Truth Social.

Her passing will leave a huge void in the conservative movement as so many looked up to her and loved her commentary.

And leftists won’t even let her family mourn without throwing slanderous remarks about her death.

Some sources from BET News claim that Diamond died of COVID.

But Silk isn’t taking any crap and is still laying it on the Left even after her sister passed away.

Hopefully Silk can get through this difficult time and go back to inspiring the conservative movement and going after the deranged Left.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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