Donald Trump demolished a court for this infuriating attempt to kneecap him in 2024

May 25, 2023

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to keep Donald Trump from returning to the White House.

One judge tried to throw him a nasty curveball.

And Donald Trump demolished a court for this infuriating attempt to kneecap him in 2024.

Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is coming after former President Donald Trump with 34 bogus felony charges for allegedly falsifying documents.

Judge Juan Merchan, who donated to Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign, set the day for the start of the trial as March 25, 2024, right in the thick of the GOP Primary season.

Trump appeared virtually with his legal team for a pretrial hearing where the judge laid out details about the case.

Merchan informed Trump that he needed to clear his calendar during the trial, which could go on for several weeks.

That would potentially take him off of the campaign trail in Wisconsin and other states during the GOP Presidential Primary.

The judge also reviewed a protective order designed to muzzle Trump in the middle of his Presidential campaign.

The protective order that was issued earlier restricts what the former President can say publicly about the case and about the evidence his legal team will get from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office before the trial.

Trump’s legal team expressed concern to Merchan that his First Amendment rights were being violated with the protective order.

The Biden-donating judge brushed aside those concerns.

“It is certainly not my intention in any way to impede Mr. Trump’s ability to campaign for President of the United States,” Merchan said.

Merchan threatened Trump with possible contempt of court charges if he violates the protective order.

“Violation of a court order or court mandate could result in sanctions which include a finding of contempt which is punishable,” Merchan said.

Donald Trump fires back at Biden-backing judge

Democrats are weaponizing the legal system against Trump to try and derail his Presidential campaign as insurance for Joe Biden at the ballot box.

They know the case against the former President is flimsy, so they’re hoping to use it to damage him in the court of public opinion.

Trump torched Judge Merchan on his Truth Social platform for the restrictive order muzzling him in the middle of his Presidential campaign.

“Just had New York County Supreme Court hearing where I believe my First Amendment Rights, ‘Freedom of Speech,’ have been violated, and they forced upon us a trial date of March 25th, right in the middle of Primary season,” Trump wrote. “Very unfair, but this is exactly what the Radical Left Democrats wanted.”

The former President called out the game Democrats are playing with this witch hunt.

“It’s called ELECTION INTERFERENCE, and nothing like this has ever happened in our Country before!!!” Trump noted.

Trump is handcuffed from being able to defend himself by a left-wing activist judge while he gets dragged through the mud over this witch hunt.

Democrats are willing to go to any length imaginable to keep Donald Trump from winning the Presidency again.

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