Donald Trump dropped this huge bombshell about Joe Biden quitting the race

Jul 9, 2024

Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democrat Party fell into complete disarray.

Panicked Democrats don’t know what to do.

And Donald Trump dropped this huge bombshell about Joe Biden quitting the race.

Video shows Trump saying Democrats will replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris

Someone filmed Trump at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, boasting about how badly he thrashed Joe Biden in the debate.

Trump then said Biden was quitting the race as Democrats abandoned Biden in fear over the fact that he can’t win the election.

“How did I do with the debate the other night? I kicked that old, broken down pile of crap. He’s quitting the race,” Trump declared.

Trump said Biden dropping out meant Democrats would nominate Kamala, and Trump thought she would be easier to defeat than Biden.

“He just quit, you know. He’s quitting the race. I got him out of the race, and that means we have Kamala. I think she’s gonna be better,” Trump added.

Trump then ridiculed Kamala Harris – whose Presidential campaign was such a flop that she dropped out months before the first votes were cast – as a ridiculous replacement for Joe Biden.

“She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic. She’s so f****** bad,” Trump exclaimed.

Trump then pointed out that Biden’s senility put American lives at risk as hostile foreign leaders would run circles around him.

“Can you imagine that guy [Biden] dealing with Putin and the president of China, who’s a fierce person? He’s a fierce man. Very tough guy,” Trump continued.

Trump finished up his comments by again taking credit for knocking Biden out of the race.

“They just announced he’s probably quitting. Just keep knocking him out, huh?” Trump said before wrapping.

Democrats Kamala Harris delusion

Joe Biden is so decrepit that Democrats and the media now think that Harris is a more solid bet to win the election.

But Harris is a buffoonish figure who even liberal late-night talk shows mock.

Harris is also the most unpopular Vice President in history for a reason.

Harris annoys Americans with her cackle.

And she offends them with her ability to constantly forward because of identity politics.

Harris ran an abysmal Presidential campaign but ended up on the ticket because she was a black woman.

Harris failed miserably as Biden’s border czar but could end up the nominee because it would offend the base of the party to hand skip the first black female Vice President over for the nomination.

Election forecasters recognize this.

The Five Thirty Eight model gives Harris just a 31 percent chance of winning.

Democrats may feel compelled to make Harris the nominee.

But that doesn’t mean she’s a safer bet to win.

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