Donald Trump faced one threat about the ballot in 2024 from a shocking source

Nov 8, 2023

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to kick Donald Trump off the ballot by falsely claiming that he incited an insurrection.

But this latest attack on Trump was below the belt.

And now Donald Trump faced one threat about the ballot in 2024 from a shocking source.

Ohio is one of the states Republicans targeted in 2024 as a top-tier opportunity to oust one of the two incumbent Democrats the GOP needs to flip control of the United States Senate.

Sherrod Brown is a far-left radical out of touch with voters in a state that Donald Trump turned from the bellwether swing state to a ruby Red citadel of Republican dominance.

As such, all the Republicans running for the nomination to take on Brown crave Donald Trump’s endorsement.

One of those candidates is establishment Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

LaRose is growing increasingly desperate, to the point that his campaign threatened to torpedo any legal challenges Trump made about the election in 2024 if he did not endorse him.

“If you are the President and you are fighting four legal battles, most of them centered around the validity of the election — and you’re most likely going to be on the General Election ballot in a state you cannot win the White House without — are you going to do anything to antagonize the guy counting the votes?” a source close to LaRose told the Huffington Post.

LaRose resorted to threats because during a recent candidate forum, he and fellow establishment RINO State Senator Matt Dolan, whose family caved to Black Lives Matter and went woke by renaming Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians the Cleveland Guardians, both came out in favor of amnesty.

At one point, LaRose said it would hurt the economy to deport illegal aliens.

“It’s not realistic to take 20 million consumers out of the economy. Immigration, when done legally, is a net positive for our country,” LaRose stated.

Dolan flat out said a large number of the tens of millions of illegal aliens needed to stay in America as part of an amnesty deal.

“We have to have a meaningful discussion about who [among the illegals] can stay, who can provide value to the United States of America,” Dolan declared.

Businessman Bernie Moreno told Republicans that he had a “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration and that any changes needed to begin and end with border security and deportation.

“Let me just say this, you will not solve the immigration crisis in America unless we have an absolute zero tolerance policy around illegal immigration,” Moreno began.

“We have encouraged for decades, illegal immigration on one side and then said we’re against it on the other side. Because by doing that, we have broken the legal immigration system,” Moreno added.

In 2022, Donald Trump’s endorsement proved pivotal.

J.D. Vance catapulted to the lead in the GOP Primary and then won the General Election thanks to Donald Trump’s endorsement.

Every candidate running for Senate in Ohio knows that the race is over if Trump presses his thumb down on the scale with an endorsement.

And the establishment-minded LaRose is petrified Trump won’t back him and is trying to intimidate him into an endorsement.

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