Donald Trump had a stunning reaction to Tucker Carlson playing this secret January 6 video

Mar 8, 2023

Tucker Carlson just turned the media and Democrat Party’s worst nightmare into a reality.

The Left’s narrative surrounding January 6 completely collapsed.

And Donald Trump had a stunning reaction to Tucker Carlson playing this secret January 6 video.

During his show on Monday, Tucker Carlson played some of the video footage from the Capitol that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted him access to view.

Carlson explained that the footage – which Nancy Pelosi and the January 6 Select Committee hid from the public for over two years – destroyed the idea that Donald Trump incited a violent mob to overthrow the U.S. government.

In his reporting, Carlson debunked the narrative surrounding Jacob Chansley – the so-called “QAnon Shaman” – who became the face of January 6.

Carlson played video footage showing Capitol Hill police officers escorting Chansley around the building and even opening the door to the Senate Chamber for him.

Democrats depend on the January 6 storyline as their ace in the hole come election season.

Republicans lost several swing races because Democrats successfully tricked voters into thinking that electing Trump-endorsed candidates would end American democracy.

Tucker Carlson obliterated that talking point.

Donald Trump praised Carlson for showing the public the full picture of what happened on January 6.

“Congratulations to Tucker Carlson on one of the biggest ‘scoops’ as a reporter in U.S. history. The New Surveillance Footage of the January 6th Events sheds an entirely different light on what actually happened. The Unselect Committee was a giant SCAM, and has now unequivocally been stamped as CRIMINAL FABRICATORS OF THIS MOST IMPORTANT DAY. Pelosi & McConnell failed on security. The Police story is sad and difficult to watch. ‘Trump’ and most others are totally innocent, LET THEM GO FREE, NOW!” Trump wrote.

Trump also saluted Speaker McCarthy for allowing Carlson to view the footage and report on the air what he saw.

“Great courage shown by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy in releasing the surveillance footage to Tucker Carlson so that our Country, and indeed the World, can see what really went on during the January 6th events. A whole new, and completely opposite, picture has now been indelibly painted. The Unselect Committee LIED, and should be prosecuted for their actions. Nancy & Mitch were a disaster on Security. Thank you Kevin and Tucker. FREE AT LAST!!!” Trump added.

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