Donald Trump had one jaw-dropping response to Ron DeSantis running for President

May 25, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made it official and entered the 2024 Presidential campaign.

And all hell broke loose.

Now Donald Trump had one jaw-dropping response to Ron DeSantis running for President.

Ron DaSantis’ launch of his Presidential campaign turned into a fiasco.

The main story coming out of the debacle was that the Twitter Space DeSantis attended with Elon Musk where he was supposed to declare his candidacy crashed due to technical issues.

DeSantis planned to declare his candidacy in a 6PM Twitter Space hosted by Musk and former PayPal COO David Sacks.

But Twitter’s server melted down after just a couple hundred thousand people tried to join the space.

DeSantis took a risk by not doing a televised event where he controlled the medium and the message to announce his entry into the race.

The DeSantis team tried to spin the debacle by claiming that he was so in demand that he broke the internet.

Trump and his supporters mocked those claims since the number of people trying to attend the DeSantis Twitter Space was smaller than a typical CNN primetime show.

Donald Trump posted his response in the form of a video that showed his own Presidential campaign announcement last November, which featured a packed hall of cheering supporters.

Trump’s team also spoofed the Twitter Space – which Musk called “Ready to Launch” – with a “Failure to Launch” video.

A campaign kickoff is usually a tightly scripted event that a candidate uses to put their best foot forward to present themselves to the public as a highly competent, hugely popular juggernaut with the message and support to win.

Since campaign staff stage-manage every detail of these events, the entire focus is on how the candidate plans to frame themselves, their opponent, and the stakes of the election to the voters.

A candidate’s first day in the race generates an avalanche of positive media coverage that the campaign hopes will translate into polling and fundraising momentum.

The storyline coming out of the DeSantis launch was the decision to announce on Twitter blowing up in his campaign’s face.

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