Donald Trump has one surprising favorite to be named Vice President

Jun 14, 2024

The short list to be Donald Trump’s running mate keeps shrinking.

Finalists are in place.

And Donald Trump has one surprising favorite to be named Vice President.

The final four

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Senators J.D. Vance (R-OH), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Developments Ben Carson are reportedly the final four choices for Donald Trump to select as his running mate.

Unlike in 2016, when Trump picked then Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his Vice-Presidential nominee to secure Evangelical support, Trump doesn’t need to reassure any faction of the GOP that he’s with them.

The conservative base is with Trump 100 percent.

And the business community and donor class are coming around as polls consistently showed Trump leading Joe Biden.

Trump doesn’t need a dramatic choice to shake up the race like John McCain did when he selected Sarah Palin back in 2008.

That’s leading to a parlor game in the media to try and guess who Trump will ultimately select.

The case for each contender

Every media outlet has their own sources in Trumpworld who are happy to speculate about who Trump should select or to push their preferred candidate.

One friend of Trump’s said that in this selection process, Trump is looking for someone who is happy to play Robin to his Batman and not try and make a play for attention to set up their own race.

“Knowing him, Trump will pick someone who is a happy warrior in the background,” the source explained.

“The former president doesn’t like to compete for the stage,” the source added.

That led to this friend of Trump’s to guess that Carson was the candidate who most fit the bill as he had experience on the national stage, was well liked by everyone, and would be happy to play second fiddle to Trump.

“My guess, again everyone is guessing, would be Ben Carson,” the source continued. “A well-qualified candidate who seems happy to keep the spotlight on Trump.”

Another source close to Trump who worked on the 2020 re-election campaign said he wants someone who looks the part and who’s good on TV.

This source claimed these criteria pointed toward Trump picking Rubio.

“Trump really could do anything, but he likes folks from central casting,” the second source declared.

“I think that works against Vance, Carson, and Burgum,” the operative told Mediate.

“He likes folks who are good on TV,” they remarked. 

This operative told Mediaite, “That’s good for Rubio, with Vance close behind. Trump also likes the ‘it factor’ that works against Carson and Burgum.”

However, this operative cautioned that Trump “likes successful money guys,” which plays to the advantage of Burgum – a self-made billionaire – and Vance – who worked in private equity.

Finally, Donald Trump Jr. has a rising position of influence with Donald Trump, and Trump Jr. strongly favors Vance for the position.

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