Donald Trump hit Tim Scott with three surprising words

May 24, 2023

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott announced his Presidential campaign.

Everyone wanted to see how Donald Trump would react.

And then, Donald Trump hit Tim Scott with three surprising words.

Rather than take a flamethrower to Tim Scott, Trump welcomed him into the race by claiming he was an improvement from Ron DeSantis.

Trump also noted that the Senator supported his 2017 tax cut and declared “good luck Tim!”

“Good luck to Senator Tim Scott in entering the Republican Presidential Primary Race. It is rapidly loading up with lots of people, and Tim is a big step up from Ron DeSanctimonious, who is totally unelectable. I got Opportunity Zones done with Tim, a big deal that has been highly successful. Good luck Tim!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

NBC News’ Tom Llamas asked Scott how he felt about Trump not considering him much of a threat.

However, Scott tried to sidestep the question.

“Well, I’ll say this. I’d appreciate his vote as well,” Scott responded.

Scott then delivered a typical establishment GOP pitch about reaching out to the Democrats to bring the country together as part of his campaign.

“The truth of the matter is that I do think that the power of persuasion is necessary for the next President,” Scott stated. “I happen to look forward to being that next President, and so I will take all the votes I can get from anyone, anywhere, anytime as I head into this election.”

Llamas wondered if Scott was saying he was a better dealmaker than Donald Trump.

But Scott tried to avoid answering that question as well.

“What I’m saying is that I look forward to persuading the American people, Right and Left, within my base and on the far side to make sure that we move this country forward using common sense, finding common ground,” Scott added.

Establishment Republicans would very much like Tim Scott to win the nomination.

Senate Minority Whip John Thune endorsed Scott and showed up at his launch event.

Scott is a typical Swamp Republican who caves to the Left at every turn.

After George Floyd’s death, Scott attacked the police and even worked with Chuck Schumer and other Democrats on legislation to handcuff law enforcement officers and make their jobs more difficult.

Scott also went woke during the Trump administration and helped kill one of his conservative judicial nominees, Ryan Bounds, over writings in college where he slammed the growing trend on the Left to separate Americans by ethnicity through race-based campus groups.

Tim Scott is the type of pre-2015 establishment Republican who helped lead to the rise of Donald Trump.

It is very difficult to see Scott’s path to the nomination.

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