Donald Trump is all smiles as the movement he started spreads across the world

Oct 7, 2022

America First has gone global.

From Europe to South America candidates are following Donald Trump’s blueprint and winning elections.

And Donald Trump is all smiles as Make America Great Again catches on around the world.

Make the World Great Again

Metropolitan elitists from sea to shining sea are ringing their hands and scheming of ways to keep former President Donald Trump from getting four more years in the White House.

“The future of democracy is at stake,” they proclaim.

Meanwhile, Trump-like candidates are being duly elected in democratic nations all across the world stage.

There’s Giorgia Meloni in Italy, Liz Truss in the United Kingdom, Viktor Orbán of Hungary, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, and the national-populist Sweden Democrat Party victory in Sweden.

In each and every one of those cases the newly elected leader or party followed Donald Trump’s America First formula to wins in their home countries.

“The whole thing is a great movement that’s taken place and now it’s happening all over the world,” Trump said. “It’s a very simple movement: Give us borders, give us safe streets, we don’t want crime, give us good education, give us dignity, and give us respect as a nation. It’s not complicated.”

While the 45th President of the United States is certainly pleased to see his blueprint Making the World Great Again, there is another reason for him to smile.

Foreshadowing to 2024?

Breitbart News asked the former President if the wave of national-populist victories across the globe are a sign of things to come here in the United States come 2024, Trump didn’t hesitate to weigh in.

“I think it is,” Trump answered. “They saw what happened to me, they saw what happened to our country and now they’re comparing it to what’s happening with the Biden administration. We had no inflation. We had the hottest economy ever in the history of the world prior to the virus coming in. Then I built it back up a second time. The stock market was higher than just before the virus coming in. They saw what we did and they saw the movement. It really became big. We started it—and it became very big. It’s happening here again. It’s happening now again because people see the results of the open borders and the stupidity taking place, the crime. All of the things that are happening in our country, other countries are watching.”

Should Trump supporters in America care about these foreign election results?

The real estate and entertainment mogul says, yes.

“It’s a great thing and it’s a great tribute to common sense—not only conservatism but just common sense,” Trump said. “A lot of what we do and what we preach and what we believe in is common sense.”

In the interview, Trump did issue a warning to the newly elected leaders.

If they don’t stay strong and govern like they campaigned – they will lose all the power they fought so hard to win.

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