Donald Trump is being threatened with impeachment for this infuriating reason

May 17, 2023

Donald Trump is looking to make a triumphant return to the White House after the 2024 election.

But Democrats are already hatching their latest plot to try and take him down.

And Donald Trump is being threatened with impeachment for this infuriating reason.

Panic is setting in among Democrats that former President Donald Trump can reclaim the Oval Office after the 2024 election.

Trump is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination and recent polling shows him opening up a lead on President Joe Biden in next year’s election.

Democrats have used one witch hunt after another to try and kneecap the former President since he first came down the golden escalator in 2015.

With the growing possibility of Trump winning the Presidency again next year, Democrats are already telegraphing their next impeachment hoax against him.

Trump threatened with another January 6 impeachment hoax

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) threatened Trump with impeachment if he followed through with a pardon of January 6 political prisoners.

Trump mentioned pardoning most January 6 detainees during his recent town hall with CNN.

“If he pardons the January 6 rioters, the insurrectionists who almost destroyed our democracy, I think it’s another grounds for impeachment,” Blumenthal said. “I think to violate the American trust by pardoning the January 6 insurrectionists would be itself a betrayal of trust that would warrant an impeachment process.”

Democrats came into Trump’s first term hellbent on impeaching him and are preparing to do the same thing should he win again next year.

Blumenthal repeated one of the biggest lies used by Democrats to weaponize January 6 against Trump and his supporters.

“And I think that the motives and the potential influences on him in pardoning January 6 rioters who literally caused deaths of Capitol policemen, I think would be beyond the pale,” Blumenthal added.

Democrats and their media allies have repeatedly smeared January 6 protestors by falsely claiming that they killed Capitol police officers.

No police officer died that day, but a hoax was pushed in the media that Trump supporters beat a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher.

The only person to die on January 6 was an unarmed Trump supporter named Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by a Capitol police officer.

Trump promises to pardon most January 6 prisoners

An audience member asked Trump if he would pardon January 6 political prisoners if he became President again during his CNN town hall.

“I am inclined to pardon many of them,” Trump said. “I can’t say for every single one because a couple of them, probably they got out of control, but you know when you look at Antifa, what they’ve done to Portland and if you look at Antifa, look at what they’ve done to Minneapolis and so many other, so many other places. Look at what they did to Seattle, and BLM, BLM, many people were killed.”

Trump pointed out that January 6 prisoners can’t get a fair trial in Washington, D.C., and many of them are “living in hell” while they rot in jail awaiting trial.

A pardon for January 6 prisoners could be the first major showdown with Democrats for Donald Trump if he makes a return to the White House.

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