Donald Trump issued this jaw-dropping warning to Barack Obama about going to prison

Feb 13, 2024

Democrats may come to regret the day they waged lawfare against Donald Trump to try and win the 2024 election.

This could be one of the biggest blunders and most reckless decisions in American history.

And Donald Trump issued this jaw-dropping warning to Barack Obama about going to prison.

The Democrat dominated D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Donald Trump’s bid to dismiss Joe Biden prosecutor Jack Smith’s charges against him for challenging the outcome of the 2020 election on the basis of Presidential immunity.

In their opinion, the court ruled that Trump had no immunity from prosecution.

“For the purpose of this criminal case, former President Trump has become citizen Trump, with all of the defenses of any other criminal defendant,” the opinion stated. “Any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as President no longer protects him against this prosecution.”

The Judges ignored the precedent that President’s enjoyed immunity from civil lawsuits for conduct that was in the outer perimeter of their official duties to say that Trump was no longer protected by any immunity since he was no longer the President.

In their desire to get Trump, the Judges opened the door to America becoming a banana republic, as a President can now prosecute their predecessor as an act of political score settling.

Reacting to the decision on Truth Social, Trump decried this attack on American democracy and warned that if this decision stands, then George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden could soon see the inside of a prison cell.

“If a President does not have Immunity, the Opposing Party, during his/her term in Office, can extort and blackmail the President by saying that, ‘if you don’t give us everything we want, we will Indict you for things you did while in Office,’ even if everything done was totally Legal and Appropriate,” Trump wrote. “That would be the end of the Presidency, and our Country, as we know it, and is just one of the many Traps there would be for a President without Presidential Immunity. Obama, Bush, and soon, Crooked Joe Biden, would all be in PRISON. Protect Presidential Immunity. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Obama ordered the assassinations of American citizens – including a 16-year-old – through the use of drone bombings during his Presidency.

Conservatives believe he should face murder charges under this new precedent.

Trump advisor Stephen Miller told podcast host Sean Spicer that it would be easy enough to find a Judge to go along with the idea of prosecuting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for opening the border and enabling large scale human trafficking.

“And so people can say, ‘Oh, well, you, you, you can’t prosecute Joe Biden for opening the border because that’s not a campaign activity, that’s an official activity.’ Okay, well, what if I find a judge and I find a prosecutor says ‘He opened the border to help him win reelection? To get more illegal aliens to vote. And he fought election integrity at DHS and DOJ as part of his conspiracy. So that’s a RICO violation. It’s a civil rights violation, and it’s sedition.’ That’s several hundred years in prison for those violations. Doesn’t matter if you say to me, ‘Oh, I think it’s an official act.’ I’m saying to you it’s not. And I have a judge and a prosecutor who also say it’s not. You go to jail. [Homeland Security Secretary] Mayorkas goes to jail. Everyone in your administration goes to jail, and your immunity is a worthless piece of paper,” Miller stated.

Trump’s opponents rarely think through the consequences of their actions.

Destroying the concept of Presidential immunity and allowing a sitting President to try and jail his predecessor isn’t a “good for today only” type offer that will expire with Donald Trump.

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