Donald Trump Jr.’s love for the outdoors led to this major announcement

Apr 18, 2024

Donald Trump Jr. is stepping out on his own ahead of the 2024 election.

He’s now combining his passion with an effort that could help his father. 

And Donald Trump Jr.’s love for the outdoors led to this major announcement.

Donald Trump Jr. is an avid outdoorsman and is known for his love of hunting and fishing.

The outdoors is his break from the grind of the campaign trail where’s become one of his father’s top surrogates.

“If I’m in Colorado doing an event, I’ll sneak off for half a day and go fly fishing,” Trump Jr. told Politico. “Today, I had a pretty crazy day of conference calls, but I’m literally in the car, banging all of those out. I’m gonna go do a quail hunt in upstate Florida before I have to drive back down to Palm Beach to have a business dinner at Mar-a-Lago. That’s my decompression from the five-speaking-events-a-day general lifestyle that will be my next, let’s call it year.”

Trump Jr. launched a magazine and website focused on hunting and the outdoor lifestyle called Field Ethos.

Now he’s continuing his passion for hunting by joining the board of a hunting group.

Donald Trump Jr. joins the board of a hunter advocacy group 

Trump Jr. is joining the Board of Directors for Hunter Nation, a group that defends hunting rights and values.

“I am thrilled to be joining Hunter Nation’s Board of Directors,” Trump Jr. told the Daily Caller. “They have been incredible patriots, standing up for hunters across the nation and the values we cherish. Last election, a lot of our hunters did not show up to vote. I look forward to helping change that so we can win at the ballot box in November.”

Now he’s pairing his love of the outdoors with an effort to mobilize hunters for the 2024 election.

The group’s goal is to inform hunters where politicians stand on issues like the Second Amendment, public land access, and the reintroduction of gray wolves by the federal government.

Getting hunters to the polls has become a pet project for Trump Jr. since many of them aren’t politically engaged.

Election Day often falls in the middle of deer season in many states.

Hunter Nation founder Keith Mark said, “By and large, hunters, depending on the state you look at, vote [at] less than 50 percent, sometimes less than 40 percent. And a third of them aren’t even registered to vote.”

Trump Jr. said that the group could play a role in turning them out in swing states this year.

Hunter Nation welcomes Trump Jr. to the team

Mark said that Trump Jr. would help the group mobilize hunters for the election.

“Our hunting lifestyle is under attack! Don Jr. is a fighter and a leader, and I’m confident he will help Hunter Nation Foundation take the next step in protecting the American hunter and helping to inform them how important it is that they get out and vote their values,” Mark said. 

Hunters could be an untapped resource that could give former President Donald Trump a boost in swing states that could come down to a photo finish this fall.

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