Donald Trump just found out one piece of 2024 news that will have you jumping for joy

Jan 27, 2023

The media claimed Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign was off to a bad start.

But that lie just imploded.

And Donald Trump just found out one piece of 2024 news that will have you jumping for joy.

Meta announced that it was ending Donald Trump’s two-year long suspension and that Trump could resume posting on Facebook and Instagram.

“Meta will reinstate former President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts ‘in coming weeks’ following a two-year suspension, according to Nick Clegg, the company’s president, global affairs,” Axios’ Mike Allen and Sarah Fisher exclusively reported.

Meta restoring Trump’s access to Facebook will allow Trump to compete on an even playing field on running ads, raising money, and building his campaign email list.

But Meta executive Nick Clegg said Trump would be subject to the same censorship rules as everyone else, announcing Trump faced “heightened penalties for repeat offenses — penalties which will apply to other public figures whose accounts are reinstated from suspensions related to civil unrest under our updated protocol.”

“In the event that Mr. Trump posts further violating content, the content will be removed and he will be suspended for between one month and two years, depending on the severity of the violation,” Clegg continued.

Trump celebrated the development in a post on Truth Social.

“FACEBOOK, which has lost Billions of Dollars in value since ‘deplatforming’ your favorite President, me, has just announced that they are reinstating my account. Such a thing should never again happen to a sitting President, or anybody else who is not deserving of retribution! THANK YOU TO TRUTH SOCIAL FOR DOING SUCH AN INCREDIBLE JOB. YOUR GROWTH IS OUTSTANDING, AND FUTURE UNLIMITED!!!” Trump wrote.

In June 2021 Facebook’s oversight board ruled that Trump’s suspension would last for two years and could be re-evaluated on June 7, 2023.

That ruling appeared to indicate the company was waiting to see if Trump ran for re-election before making a decision.

If Trump did not run for re-election it seemed likely that Meta would keep the suspension in place.

But since Trump declared he was seeking a second term it made it untenable for Meta to ban Trump while allowing both Joe Biden and Trump’s Republican rivals free rein on the platform.

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