Donald Trump learned a stunning truth about Hollywood’s darkest secret

Jun 27, 2024

Americans think they know the real story about Hollywood.

But like what takes place on screen, everything in Tinseltown isn’t what it seems.

And Donald Trump learned a stunning truth about Hollywood’s darkest secret.

Soprano’s actress says there are quiet Trump supporters in Hollywood

Drea de Matteo made her name playing the doomed Adriana la Cerva on HBO’s groundbreaking hit, The Sopranos.

Led by James Gandolfini’s iconic portrayal of New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano, The Sopranos kicked off what’s known as the “peak TV era” and is considered by many to be the greatest show in the history of television.

But despite her acclaim on The Sopranos and her role on the FX hit Sons of Anarchy, de Matteo is now isolated from Hollywood due to her political beliefs.

Appearing on Jesse Watters’ Fox News show, de Matteo discussed a recent Hollywood fundraiser where Joe Biden raked in $28 million for his Presidential campaign.

De Matteo had fun with the fact that so many of her fellow Italians like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Robert De Niro appeared in the intro video Watters played.

“Hello there, first of all. And I think there is a lot of them. I think there are a lot of — that was a hard intro to watch. I’m sorry,” de Matteo stated.

“No, it’s the Italian, man. We’re talking about [Anthony] Fauci, we’re talking about De Niro. I am mortified right now by my people,” de Matteo added. 

“I don’t understand what we’re doing here,” she continued.

De Matteo told Watters that more actors and crew members than he would suspect support Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and she hinted that many of the actors who endorsed Biden took money to do so.

“There are a lot of quiet Trump supporters, there are a lot of Kennedy supporters. And wow, I wonder how much the actors got paid to endorse Biden at this point. I’m curious, because that seems — I wonder if De Niro got paid a locations fee because he had to travel to the courtroom to do that,” de Matteo declared.

Actors embrace liberal politics as a career move

De Matteo said she felt comfortable rejecting the dominant liberal politics of Hollywood, as she never considered herself part of the system.

De Matteo said endorsing Joe Biden was an act of career self-preservation for many actors and joked about the fate her character met in The Sopranos as the penalty she would pay for not playing by the rules.

“I don’t really maneuver inside that industry. I never have. First of all, Sopranos, we were the outcast, even though we were critically acclaimed, we still were outcasts. So I’m still an outcast, here I am. They’re going to take me out into the woods and shoot me for not endorsing Biden,” de Matteo explained.

De Matteo put her money where her mouth is as her agent dropped her, and she lost acting gigs over the fact that she refused to comply with vaccine mandates imposed on set by the studios.

“I guess you could say I was a bad girl because I did not follow the rules a couple of years ago,” de Matteo told Watters.

“So, I don’t want to be at the mercy of mandates or strike or anything like that ever again,” de Matteo concluded.

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