Donald Trump learned one piece of 2024 news that had him jumping for joy

Nov 6, 2023

Donald Trump is once again facing a united establishment determined to bring him down.

But the Swamp got hit with a nasty surprise.

And Donald Trump learned one piece of 2024 news that had him jumping for joy.

The Club for Growth set out to defeat Donald Trump in 2024.

Trump and the Club for Growth formed an uneasy alliance during his Presidency after the group ran ads attacking him as a phony conservative during the 2016 GOP Primary.

Club for Growth President David McIntosh blamed Trump for the disappointing 2022 Midterm election results and vowed to spend whatever it took to stop Trump from winning the 2024 GOP nomination.

McIntosh and the Club for Growth poured millions of dollars into the Win it Back PAC to run attack ads against Trump.

Win it Back tested four ads blasting Trump over the criminal charges brought against him by Democrat prosecutors.

“One spot, which was surveyed before an online panel of Republican primary voters, declared that the indictments against Trump had ‘worn’ him ‘down’ and undercut his ability to win the election. Another said the trials presented ‘too much baggage’ and warned that Democrats would ‘sensationalize’ them to hurt the ex-president. The hardest-hitting commercial raised the specter that Trump would be convicted, leading President Joe Biden to ‘cruise’ to reelection,” POLITICO reported.

All the ads backfired, as three of the four actually increased Trump’s support in a head-to-head matchup with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and one didn’t move the numbers at all.

“All four ads tested failed to move support away from Trump on both the primary ballot and two-way ballot with DeSantis, relative to a strongly pro-Trump baseline,” a memo about the ads effect on an online panel survey of 3,075 Republican voters read.

The one ad that “performed worst on the two-way ballot” against DeSantis was the commercial claiming that the charges would cost Trump the General Election. The commercial about Trump’s election prospects, as well as one that claimed the indictments “wore him down,” didn’t work at all and instead “backfired across almost all demographic groups.”

Voters were given a chance to give open ended responses to the commercials.

These voters blasted them as a smear campaign against Trump for failing to recognize these criminal cases were a political effort by the Democrats to meddle in the election.

“I strongly disagree with this ad. I don’t think people are giving Trump a fair chance because of who he is,” one Republican said of the ads.

Republican voters equated the people running the ads with the Democrats weaponizing the justice system to charge Trump on false pretenses.

“The thing that bothers me the most is the filthy lying individuals who are extremely corrupt that are trying to crucify Trump, which is obviously 100 percent unfair,” a second Republican responded.

“Stop bashing Trump and stand behind him,” a third GOP voter stated.

As a result of this survey research, Win it Back PAC took down all of their ads in August and declared trying to defeat Trump was pointless.

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