Donald Trump lowered the boom on Chris Christie with this brutal takedown

Sep 1, 2023

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has an ax to grind against Donald Trump.

But he’s embarrassing himself with his floundering Presidential campaign. 

And Donald Trump lowered the boom on Chris Christie with this brutal takedown.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is running a hopeless Presidential campaign centered on viciously attacking his one-time ally, former President Donald Trump.

He served on Trump’s transition team in 2016 after he endorsed the former President but broke with him over the trumped-up events of January 6.

Christie is using his campaign to audition for his next media gig by constantly bashing Trump to the delight of journalists.

He appeared on Fox News to whine about Trump after the news broke that his trial was set in Washington, D.C. for the January 6 indictment.

“Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is an Obama appointee, said we’re going to the courtroom on the 4th of March, a day before Super Tuesday,” host John Roberts said. “Supporters of former President Trump are looking at this saying that timeline seems to clearly be designed to interfere with the Primary process. What do you say?”

“What interferes with the Primary process is Donald Trump’s conduct and his insistence on continuing to run for President of the United States despite the fact he’s been indicted in four different jurisdictions and he’s out on bail in four different jurisdictions in this country,” Christie replied. “Whether you believe the charges are just or not, they are here.”

He pivoted to touting his accomplishments as Governor and claimed that Trump could not defeat President Joe Biden in the General Election.

“Well, I mean, he is still the frontrunner by a longshot,” Roberts noted. “He dropped a little after the first debate, but still has a leg up on everybody else. We’ll see how this continues to go.

Christie, a former federal prosecutor, had repeatedly called for Trump to drop out of the race because of the Democrat witch hunts against him.

Donald Trump drops the hammer on Chris Christie

Donald Trump fired back at Christie and Fox News host John Roberts on his Truth Social platform.

“Sloppy Chris Christie, who was rated the Worst Governor in the History of New Jersey, had the lowest approval rating, 8%, had 11 straight downgrades of New Jersey Bonds, a record, was thrown out of New Hampshire after his last debate, and endlessly suffered from the horrible and never ending Bridgegate scandal, SHOULD DROP OUT OF THE RACE. HE IS GOING NOWHERE AND IS VERY BAD FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!” Trump wrote.

Christie has the worst favorability rating with GOP voters of any Presidential candidate and is languishing in the low single digits in the polls.

Trump, who’s become increasingly critical of Fox News, turned his attention to Roberts.

“Would somebody please tell RINO John Roberts of FoxNews that my poll numbers went up after the last ‘debate,’ they didn’t go ‘slightly down,’” Trump wrote. “I am leading DeSanctimonious by more than 50 Points, and Crooked Joe Biden by a lot. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Much to the chagrin of Chris Christie and the GOP establishment, Donald Trump is still firmly in control of the Republican Party.

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