Donald Trump made one demand in court, and you won’t believe what the Judge did next

Oct 24, 2023

Donald Trump is fighting for his freedom and political survival in court.

Democrats stacked the deck against him.

And Donald Trump made one demand in court, and you won’t believe what the Judge did next.

One way Democrats sought to weaponize the justice system was to indict Trump in the most Democrat-friendly jurisdictions in America to ensure the Democrat prosecutors could count on an ideological fellow traveler presiding over the case.

Biden prosecutor Jack Smith saw his plan play out to perfection when he indicted Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., on a slew of charges where he bent the law past the point of snapping to claim Trump conspired to deprive Americans of their rights and obstruct Congress by challenging the results of the 2020 election.

Barack Obama appointed Democrat Judge Tanya Chutkan to the bench.

Chutkan, a loyal Democrat partisan, was also once a co-worker of Hunter Biden.

Now Judge Chutkan is overseeing Smith’s 2020 election trial and issuing ruling after ruling showing that she has no intention of granting Trump a fair trial.

First, Judge Chutkan scheduled the trial to begin on Mach 4, 2024, which is right in the middle of the GOP Primary.

An accelerated trial schedule also deprives Trump of his Constitutional right to put together a competent legal defense, as his lawyers weren’t given enough time to prepare.

The right to a speedy trial is afforded to the defendant and not the government, but Judge Chutkan apparently missed that day in law school.

Then, Judge Chutkan sided with her fellow Democrat and placed a gag order on Donald Trump.

For the first time in American history, the ruling party – Democrat prosecutors working on behalf of Joe Biden and a Democrat Judge – actively limited the political speech of the opposing candidate in a Presidential election.

Trump’s lawyers filed an immediate appeal and asked Judge Chutkan to stay the gag order while their legal challenge worked its way through the system.

“By restricting President Trump’s speech, the Gag Order eviscerates the rights of his audiences, including hundreds of millions of American citizens who the Court now forbids from listening to President Trump’s thoughts on important issues,” the motion to stay read.

For the first time in the case, Judge Chutkan showed a modicum of common sense and stayed the gag order until she could hold a hearing. 

The gag order Chutkan issued was a vague and Orwellian monstrosity.

Chutkan never defined who were the “interested parties” that couldn’t criticize Smith or his prosecutors.

Under these ill-defined terms, Smith could petition Chutkan to put Trump in jail if any Republican in America who was an official Trump campaign surrogate ripped him for his obviously biased and politically motivated charges that are intended to interfere in the 2024 Presidential election.

Chutkan will now have to rule on how she plans to regulate the political speech of the Republican frontrunner for President.

And if she sticks to her guns to muzzle Trump, this case will surely make it all the way to the Supreme Court.

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