Donald Trump made one tough decision for 2024 that caught Franklin Graham off guard

Jul 1, 2024

Franklin Graham was in Donald Trump’s corner for the 2016 and 2020 Elections.

But this time around he’s got some advice for the former President.

And Donald Trump made one tough decision for 2024 that caught Franklin Graham off guard.

Donald Trump responds to Franklin Graham’s request to stop cursing

Reverend Franklin Graham – the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham – is the most influential evangelical leader in the country.

And he’s become an ally of former President Donald Trump.

Trump revealed at a campaign rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that Graham made a surprising request about his speeches. 

“A man I like, Franklin Graham. Son of the great Billy Graham. I like Franklin so much,” Trump said.

The former President revealed that he received a letter asking him to stop cursing.

“He said, ‘President, I love your speaking. Your ability to speak is incredible. Your storytelling is great, but it could be so much better if you didn’t use foul language,’” Trump said.

Trump gave his response to Graham’s request. 

“And actually, he’s wrong,” Trump continued. “But I have been working so hard. The problem is if you don’t interject every once in a while. I’m only talking about one or two times during an entire speech. You know, these speeches go on for two hours, one or two.”

“Franklin, give me one or two words,” Trump added. “If you don’t, you don’t get the emphasis.”

Trump noted that when he spoke at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference – an event for conservative evangelical Christians – he worked hard not to swear.

“I was really good. I didn’t interject,” Trump said. “Could have been better if I used a couple of bad words.”

The former President said that he would stop cursing when he saw people walking out of his speeches.

Franklin Graham talks about the 2024 Election

Franklin Graham was asked if he was going to vote for Trump this year during an interview with Christian Today while he was on his God Loves You Tour in the United Kingdom.

“I was strong for his policies but I did not campaign for him, not in 2016 or 2020, and this time round we don’t know, he might be in prison!” Graham said. “The politics in our country is so messed up and it’s very concerning, but still we need to pray that God’s will be done in leadership, not just in the U.S. but here in this country as well.”

He talked about the impact that Christians could have on the elections this year that are taking place in America and the United Kingdom.

“We often think about those who are running at the top of the ticket for President or Prime Minister, but there are elections further down that are extremely important,” Graham explained. “For example, in the U.S., we can vote for people who sit on school boards and I think those are some of the most important elections. We have seen some terrible shifts in our country because people haven’t been paying attention to local school board elections. Christians should run for office and get control of the school boards.”

Christians will have a major role to play up and down the ticket in the 2024 Election.

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