Donald Trump made this confession about criminal charges that will stop you dead in your tracks

Sep 15, 2023

Democrats weaponized the justice system to file four politically motivated indictments against Donald Trump, for a total of 91 criminal charges.

Trump had a surprising reaction to the lawfare the Left is waging against him.

And Donald Trump made this confession about criminal charges that will stop you dead in your tracks.

NBC named left-wing activist Kristen Welker as the new host of Meet the Press.

As part of the debut as the host of the longest running public affairs program on television, Welker scored an interview with Donald Trump.

In discussing the criminal indictments, Welker asked Trump if he would pardon himself in the federal cases to make any convictions go away if he won re-election.

“Mr. President, if you were reelected, would you pardon yourself?” Welker asked.

Trump said his attorneys and advisors recommended that he issue himself a preemptive pardon before he left office in 2021 because they expected Democrats would unleash their most partisan prosecutors to come after him.

“I could have pardoned myself. You know what? I was given an option to pardon myself. I could have hurt myself. When I left, people said, ‘Would you like to pardon yourself?’” Trump began.

“I had a couple of attorneys that said, ‘You can do it if you want,’” Trump added.

But Trump said pardoning himself on the way out would have looked bad, and he believed the American people would judge him on his record.

Finally, Trump said the last thing he would ever do is pardon himself.

“I had some people that said it would look bad if you do it, because I think it would look terrible. I said, here’s the story. These people are thugs, horrible people, fascists, Marxists, sick people. They’ve been after me from the day I came down the escalator with Melania, and I did a great job as President. A great economy, great jobs, great things, rebuilt the military space force, everything. I could go on forever. Let me just tell you, I said the last thing I’d ever do is give myself a pardon,” Trump concluded.

Polls show Trump is right in one sense.

In a matchup against Joe Biden, voters are judging the two by their record in office and ignoring the indictments.

That worked to Trump’s benefit.

And Trump may not even need to pardon himself.

The Supreme Court has shown a recent willingness to smack down prosecutors and throw out convictions on fraud charges if the prosecutors bend the law to fit an agenda.

That could lead to the Supreme Court throwing out Jack Smith’s January 6 case if the Washington, D.C., jury convicts Trump.

And there is no guarantee that Smith can win a conviction in the Mar-a-Lago documents witch hunt.

Trump said he won’t issue himself a pardon, and the circumstances surrounding the cases mean he may never have to even consider going back on his word.

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