Donald Trump played this ace in the hole to get Fani Willis kicked off his case

Jan 30, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is drowning in scandal.

Donald Trump looks ready to deliver the knockout blow against her sham criminal charges.

And Donald Trump played this ace in the hole to get Fani Willis kicked off his case.

Fani Willis’ RICO case against Donald Trump and 18 other lawyers, supporters, and aides for contesting the 2020 election got turned upside down by a motion to disqualify Willis from the case by co-defendant Mark Roman.

Roman alleged that Willis carried on an affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade and that she paid him a rate above the other attorneys on the case, which financially benefited Willis as he also alleged that Wade used the money she paid him to take the couple on multiple vacations.

Not only did Roman allege that Willis violated Georgia’s conflict of interest guidelines – which would get her, and her entire office disqualified from the case – but he also stated that Willis and Wade allegedly violated state and federal laws against kickbacks.

Willis never denied the affair.

Instead, Willis stood up in a church pulpit on Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend and claimed that she was under attack by racists.

This was another misstep, as prosecutors are supposed to limit their public comments to the arguments they intend to make in court so as not to prejudice as a jury.

That’s exactly what Trump lawyer Steve Sadow argued in a motion filed with Judge Scott McAfee to remove Willis from this case.

“The awesome power to prosecute ought never to be manipulated for personal or political profit,” Sadow’s motion read. “In addition to the extensive misconduct alleged in Roman’s motion, the DA did just that in her speech by wrongfully inserting racial animus into this case to publicly denounce and rebuke the defendants, and to defend her personal and political reputation against the numerous and diverse allegations Roman made in his court filing.”

Willis’ inflammatory comments were not a legal argument.

Nor did they deny the allegations of an affair with Wade.

Instead, these comments were meant to muddy the waters by injecting the subject of race in order to taint the motion filed by Roman.

“The DA’s provocative and inflammatory extrajudicial racial comments, made in a widely publicized speech at a historical black church in Atlanta, and cloaked in repeated references to God, reinforce and amplify the ‘appearance of impropriety’ in her judgment and prosecutorial conduct,” the motion added.

Sadow later argued that Willis’ race-baiting violated professional rules of conduct in Georgia.

“The motion filed today on behalf of President Trump seeks to hold District Attorney Willis legally accountable both for her misconduct alleged in a motion filed by Mr. Roman as well as her extrajudicial public statements falsely and intentionally injecting race into this case,” the Daily Caller reported in a statement from Steve Sadow. “In doing so, DA Willis violated her Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor under the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.”

“Her attempt to foment racial animus and prejudice against the defendants in order to divert and deflect attention away from her alleged improprieties calls out for the sanctions of dismissal and disqualification,” Sadow concluded.

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