Donald Trump put the Supreme Court on the spot with one big demand

Feb 16, 2024

Donald Trump is taking the 2024 election to the Supreme Court.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s lawfare, Judges – and not the voters – will determine the victor.

And now Donald Trump put the Supreme Court on the spot with one big demand.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Donald Trump’s bid to dismiss Jack Smith’s bogus charges against him for contesting the 2020 election due to Presidential immunity.

In their decision, the Judges ruled a former President can be charged at any time and for any reason after they leave office.

The D.C. Circuit Court rejecting Trump’s immunity bid meant Judge Tanya Chutkan and prosecutor Jack Smith could proceed with the show trial they planned to stage, where an all-Democrat jury in Washington, D.C., could convict Trump on sham charges that he tried to overthrow the government on January 6.

If the Supreme Court granted him a stay to keep the trial on pause, then Trump could continue to delay the proceedings while he petitioned the Supreme Court to hear his case.

Granting Trump a stay would allow him 90 days to file a motion with the Supreme Court, which would all but guarantee this case never sees trial before the election.

Trump’s lawyers filed a request for a stay and called the decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals “a stunning breach of precedent and historical norms.”

The stay request said that granting Trump’s motion would allow him to pursue his case through the normal appeals process and uphold his due process rights.

“Allowing President Trump to pursue en banc review in the D.C. Circuit will provide an opportunity for … thoughtful consideration in the lower court before this Court addresses the novel, complex, and momentous issues at stake in this appeal,” the motion added.

Trump’s lawyers argued that rejecting any concept of Presidential immunity would open the floodgates for partisan score-settling each time the White House changed hands.

A President’s opponents could “use the threat of future prosecution as a weapon, effectively blackmailing and extorting him to influence his most sensitive and important decisions.”

Trump has warned that Barack Obama could face murder charges for assassinating American citizens in drone strikes and that Biden may face human trafficking charges for smuggling illegal aliens into the country.

There are very weighty and untested Constitutional issues at play here.

That’s why it wouldn’t be surprising to see the court grant Trump’s stay request and also agree to hear oral arguments on the immunity issue.

Even if Trump loses, the Justices will likely want to set up some guardrails to prevent the open season on future Presidents that the D.C. Court of Appeals blessed.

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