Donald Trump revealed the shocking reason Democrats keep indicting him

Sep 13, 2023

Democrat prosecutors have indicted Donald Trump four times.

The indictments list 91 criminal charges carrying a combined prison sentence of 727 years.

And now Donald Trump revealed the shocking reason Democrats keep indicting him.

At a recent rally in South Dakota, Donald Trump explained to the crowd that Democrats never would have indicted him if he wasn’t running for President and running neck-and-neck with President Joe Biden.

“If I was in third or fourth place, or if I wasn’t running — I’d be living the life of Riley — I wouldn’t be here with you tonight, but I’d be living the life, beautiful houses all over the place,” Trump declared.

“I’d be living a beautiful life. They wouldn’t indict me. They indicted me because I’m in first place,” Trump added.

President Trump, of course, was referencing a CNN poll that shows him leading President Biden by one percent in a head-to-head matchup.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith as special counsel in the Mar-a-Lago and 2020 election cases after President Trump announced he was running for re-election.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump on charges even former members of his office called the “zombie case” only after polls showed Donald Trump leading the GOP primary field – something that’s to be expected of a former President.

And Fulton Couty District Attorney Fani Willis kicked her criminal investigation into high gear once Trump entered the GOP race.

National GOP primary polls and early state polls show Donald Trump with a wide lead.  Some surveys of head-to-head matchups with Joe Biden also show Donald Trump leading by a very slim margin.

But Trump teased the crowd that he was afraid to read the polls out loud as it would only motivate the Democrats to indict him again.

“I hate to read those good polls here because every time I read a good poll, they want to indict me again,” Trump joked. “Maybe I should announce, ‘I’m doing horribly; it’s horrible, I’m going to withdraw.’”

Of course, many suspect that the goal of these indictments was to help Joe Biden win re-election.

“Their goal is to interfere with elections in order to make it harder for Republicans and conservatives to win,” Trump explained.

The media and Democrat Party expect Americans not look with suspicion at how President Biden’s Justice Department and two elected Democrat prosecutors are acting – specifically bringing criminal indictments against Joe Biden’s leading opponent and planning to stage these trials in the middle of the election campaign.

Polls show the American people aren’t buying all of this, which is likely one reason why surveys from the Wall Street Journal and CNN both showed Trump leading Biden – albeit very narrowly.

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