Donald Trump shut down Joe Biden with this epic response to the State of the Union

Feb 9, 2023

Joe Biden spent 72 minutes lying his way through one of the worst State of the Union speeches of all time.

Americans were relieved when it ended.

And then Donald Trump shut down Joe Biden with this epic response to the State of the Union.

Trump posted a two minute response to Biden’s speech on his Truth Social platform.

In the post, Trump tried to damn Biden with faint praise, noting that Biden isn’t a very talented public speaker and that Biden did not spend nearly enough time discussing the crisis at the southern border or confronting Communist China.

“Look, he worked hard tonight, it’s not a natural thing for him, it never was, and never will be, but you’ve got to give him credit for trying. I disagree with him on most of his policies, but he put into words what he felt, and he ended up the evening far stronger than he began. Give him credit for that. Many things weren’t mentioned that should have been, but that’s for another time. I’ve done a little clip, perhaps you’d like to watch it. Good night everybody, and God Bless America!” Trump wrote.

Trump slammed Biden for “weaponizing the Justice Department” against conservatives and cited the multiple witch hunt against him as the most high-profile example of Biden wanting to make opposing Democrats a criminal offense.

In the speech, Trump also ripped Biden and the Democrats for trying to groom children into transgenderism and for risking World War III with Russia over Ukraine.

“Joe Biden’s weaponized Justice Department – and I’m a victim of it – is persecuting his political opponents. His administration is waging war on free speech. They’re trying to indoctrinate and mutilate our children. He’s leading us to the brink of World War III. And on top of all of that, he’s the most corrupt president in American history, and it’s not even close,” Trump stated.

“I am running for President to end the destruction of our country and to complete the unfinished business of making America great again,” Trump concluded. “We will make our country better than ever before and we will always put America first. Thank you.”

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