Donald Trump shut down Kevin McCarthy over this lie about Ashli Babbitt’s death

Feb 3, 2023

Ashli Babbitt was one of the Trump supporters who died on January 6.

Ever since, Babbitt’s death became a source of great controversy.

And now Donald Trump shut down Kevin McCarthy over this lie about Ashli Babbitt’s death.

Ashli Babbitt was an unarmed, female, 34-year-old Trump supporter who was shot and killed in cold blood on January 6 inside the Capitol.

During a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson compared the death of Tyre Nichols, who five black Memphis police officers allegedly beat to death, to Capitol Hill Police Officer Lt. Michael Byrd who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6, saying there was more evidence the officer murdered Babbitt.

“So, of course, the very same people who are weeping on television about police brutality applauded when one of Nancy Pelosi’s officers murdered an unarmed woman called Ashli Babbitt,” Carlson began.

“Yes, murder. That’s exactly what that was. Far more clearly than anything you just saw in the videotape we played. So, of course, the point of this is to federalize local law enforcement. Obviously, it’s never about saving anybody’s life. It’s about accumulating power. But there are a lot of nuances here that are hard to untangle in real time. And that’s why we’re really blessed to go to one of the smartest people we know,” Carlson added.

A reporter asked House Speaker Kevin McCarthy if McCarthy agreed with the characterization that Officer Byrd murdered Babbitt.

“Do you think Ashli Babbitt was murdered or you think the police officer who shot her was doing his job?” the reporter asked.

McCarthy responded by praising the officer.

“I think the police officer did his job,” McCarthy responded.

Donald Trump – one of McCarthy’s biggest allies – slammed McCarthy in a post on Truth Social.

Trump noted the officer gunned down an unarmed woman and then bragged about killing her in an interview on NBC News.

Trump also pointed out the officer’s history of misconduct such as leaving his service revolver in a restroom.

“I totally disagree with the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, in that the Police Officer ‘Thug,’ who has had a very checkered past to begin with, was not just ‘doing his job’ when he shot and killed Great Patriot Ashli Babbitt at point blank range. Despite trying to keep him anonymous, shielded, and protected, this MISFIT proudly showed up on NBC Fake Nightly News ‘bragging’ about the killing. He was not a hero but a COWARD, who wanted to show how tough he was. ASHLI BABBITT WAS MURDERED!!!” Trump wrote.

If a Capitol Hill Police Officer shot and killed an unarmed female Black Lives Matter supporter, cities across the nation would have burned and the media would denounce all police as tools of white supremacy.

This is the double standard that infuriates Donald Trump and many of his supporters.

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