Donald Trump took the witness stand and surprised everyone with what he said

Jan 30, 2024

The Democrat Party is hoping lawfare will sink Donald Trump’s campaign.

Trump is fighting back with everything he has.

And Donald Trump took the witness stand and surprised everyone with what he said.

Donald Trump took the witness stand in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation trial.

A previous jury in heavily Democrat New York actually bought Carroll’s claim that Trump sexually assaulted her in the mid-1990s in a department store dressing room.

Carroll couldn’t remember when the actual assault took place and had no proof she ever met Trump outside of a public social setting.

A Democrat megadonor named Reid Hoffman – who also donated big money to Nikki Haley’s Super PAC – funded the lawsuit.

This trial is only about assessing damages since the previous jury’s verdict in favor of Carroll meant Trump couldn’t defend himself on the witness stand from allegations that he said are baseless.

But that’s what Trump did anyway before biased Democrat Judge Lewis Kaplan stepped in to intervene.

Before Trump took the stand, Kaplan tried to bias the jury with the most graphic and slanted description of the charges Carroll made against him.

“The jury found that Mr. Trump inserted his fingers into her vagina. And that Ms. Carroll did not make up her claim. And that Mr. Trump’s June 11 and June 22 statements were defamatory. Now Mr. Trump may not make any argument against this,” Kaplan stated.

Attorney Alina Habba asked Trump if it was true that he never met Carroll.

“Exactly right,” Trump responded.

Judge Kaplan ordered the jury to disregard that remark.

“She said something. I consider it a false accusation,” Trump added.

Judge Kaplan again ordered the jury to disregard that statement.

Habba then asked Trump if he intended to hurt Carroll by stating that her accusations were false and that she was crazy to make up such a story.

“No. I wanted to defend myself, my family, and frankly, the Presidency,” Trump stated.

When Trump left the witness stand, he decried the Democrat Party for weaponizing the justice system to target him personally, professionally, and financially in an effort to destroy his re-election campaign.

“It’s not America. It’s not America. This is not America,” Trump told the crowd of spectators.

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