Donald Trump was all smiles when Republicans unveiled this plan to tackle the Deep State

May 8, 2023

The Deep State tried relentlessly to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But they could be in big trouble after his potential return to the White House.

And Donald Trump was all smiles when Republicans unveiled this plan to tackle the Deep State.

Armed with the experience from his first term, former President Donald Trump is trying to make a return to the White House.

His Presidency revealed a Deep State in Washington, D.C.’s Swamp of career government bureaucrats.

Presidents come and go, but these Deep State bureaucrats remain entrenched in the political system.

Draining the Swamp is a top priority for Trump in a potential second term, and two Republican Congressmen are preparing to make it easier for him.

Government bureaucrats are protected by a web of civil service rules that make it difficult to fire them even in cases of gross misconduct.

A pair of Republican lawmakers are preparing to introduce a bill in Congress to bring accountability for federal employees.

Push to rein in the “Swamp” begins

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) and Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) are introducing the Public Service Reform Act, which would bring much needed reforms to the government’s workforce.

According to the Office of Personnel Management, there are roughly 2.1 million civilian government workers.

The bill would make it easier to fire federal workers who aren’t performing or are found guilty of committing misconduct on the job.

“It is far past time to reinstate accountability to the people for the federal bureaucracy by requiring that like any private sector employee, federal workers can be removed from their positions,” Roy told Fox News Digital.

Federal workers who have used drugs, drank alcohol on the job, or even stolen from the government have been allowed to return to work after brief suspensions.

For example, an employee at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was allowed to return to work following a 30-day suspension after he was convicted of stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment from the Agency.

The bill would make federal workers at-will employees, which means they can be fired for almost any reason.

Currently, federal workers can only be fired for very specific reasons and are granted due process rights that makes it virtually impossible to get rid of them.

The bill would eliminate the ability of fired workers to appeal the decision to the Merit Systems Protection Board, which protects federal workers from partisan firings.

James Sherk, a former economic advisor to Trump and executive with the America First Policy Institute, said that career federal workers can undermine the President.

“A good number of federal employees have chosen political sides and use their position in the bureaucracy to frustrate policies they don’t like,” Sherk said. “And, because they have these civil service protections, it’s very hard to advance the President’s agenda in the face of their policy resistance.”

“The American people vote for the President,” Sherk continued. “But if the federal bureaucracy will not do what the President tells it to do, then he doesn’t have the ability to implement the policies the American people elected him to advance. That creates a government that is no longer accountable to the governed.”

A return to the White House by Donald Trump could see the rogue employees of the federal government brought in line.

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