Donald Trump was floored over the reason one Republican Governor turned on his own voters

May 18, 2023

Donald Trump is firmly in control of the Republican Party.

The GOP establishment is seething over this fact.

And Donald Trump was floored over the reason one Republican Governor turned on his own voters.

Former President Donald Trump turned in a masterful performance with his town hall on CNN.

Trump was in his element while duking it out with host Kaitlan Collins, who tried to go toe to toe with him.

The former President demolished Collins and mocked writer E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of raping her in the 1990s even though she can’t remember when it happened.

Democrats and their media allies were furious at CNN for allowing an overwhelmingly pro-Trump audience at the New Hampshire event.

The audience cheered Trump on after he called Collins a “nasty person” due to her bizarre behavior during the town hall.

Trump’s performance during the town hall cemented him as the frontrunner in the GOP Primary.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, a member of the Republican establishment, was fuming at Trump’s performance during the CNN town hall.

He ran to MSNBC to slam the voters who showed up at the event.

New Hampshire Governor rips his own voters for Trump support

Chris Sununu appeared on MSNBC for an interview with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on her show, Inside with Jen Psaki.

He slammed the attendees of the town hall who cheered and laughed when Trump slammed Carroll.

“One of the things that struck me was the laughter in the audience, particularly when Trump was talking about E. Jean Carroll, someone a jury says he’s sexually abused, defamed, and now has to pay her $5 million,” Psaki said.

After the Carroll case was bankrolled by Big Tech billionaire and Democrat mega donor Reid Hoffman, New York changed its statute of limitations to let her pursue the frivolous lawsuit.

The Manhattan jury didn’t find Carroll’s rape claims credible.

“Now, you were not involved in making up the audience, but these are people in the audience from New Hampshire, Republicans in New Hampshire, undeclared voters in that room,” Psaki continued. “I was curious just what your reaction was when they started laughing?”

“It was embarrassing,” Sununu replied. “Now, I can understand as the camera panned through that audience, I knew pretty much everybody in there, they’re all Trump supporters, right?”

Sununu, who’s considering seeking another term as Governor or launching a longshot Presidential bid, said their actions were “completely inappropriate.”

“But when you’re talking about a serious issue like that and laughter and mocking and all that, that’s it’s completely inappropriate, without a doubt,” Sununu added. “And it doesn’t shine a positive light on New Hampshire, but again, I understand what the audience’s makeup was.”

Sununu said that it was “embarrassing” that the audience cheered and laughed in reaction to Trump’s comments on Carroll.

Chris Sununu went on MSNBC and bashed Trump supporters for cheering on the President during his town hall.

He could have closed the door on his political future by trashing the voters who helped put him in office.

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