Donald Trump will be jumping for joy over these jaw-dropping poll numbers

Jun 17, 2024

The momentum in the 2024 election is running in one direction.

Joe Biden is in even bigger trouble than he thought.

And now Donald Trump will be jumping for joy over these jaw-dropping poll numbers

Polls show erosion in black support for Joe Biden

In 2020, exit polls showed Biden beat Trump 92 to 7 among black voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Those margins made the difference in Biden winning two states that put him in the White House.

But one of the storylines in the 2024 election is Donald Trump’s ability to make inroads with black voters, and more specifically, black men.

Crosstabs of national and state polls showed Trump winning well above the 12 percent of the black vote that Trump won four years ago.

USA Today/Suffolk put that theory to test and polled black voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The poll found an uptick in black support for Trump – 15 percent in Michigan and 11 percent in Pennsylvania – and a marked decrease in black support for Biden where just 56 and 55 percent of black voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan backed Biden.

The polls also did show a marked shift to Trump among black men where he won the support of 22 percent in Pennsylvania and 16 percent in Michigan.

Joe Biden barely won both states with an 85-point margin of victory among black voters.

Elections are about running up the margins with your voters while keeping down the deficit in your opponent’s strongholds.

There simply is no way any Democrat can win either Pennsylvania and Michigan without running up the score in Philadelphia and Detroit.

These margins show Biden is in huge trouble.

Trump’s appeal to black voters

Joe Biden’s support with black voters cratered thanks to decades of failed promises by Democrats to improve their lives.

In a visit to a black church in Detroit, Trump zeroed in on Biden’s open borders as evidence of the catastrophic effect on the lives of black Americans that Joe Biden’s policies have.

Trump explained that Biden invited in an historic flood of illegal aliens who were coming to take the jobs of black Americans while also driving down wages overall.

“They’re coming for your jobs. And it’s terrible. […] The black community is being hurt most by illegal aliens. They’re coming into your communities and they’re taking your jobs,” Trump stated.

Major American cities are now overrun by the millions of illegal aliens Biden smuggled into the country, and black voters pay a disproportionate price in the form of crime and a decreased quality of life.

“They’re pouring in at levels that nobody’s ever seen before, and we’re going to pay a big price,” Trump added.

The crowd broke out into massive applause when Trump declared he would carry out the largest deportation operation in American history.

“On day one of my new administration, we will begin the largest deportation operation in American history. We have no other choice. This is not sustainable,” Trump declared.

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