Donald Trump’s lawyer revealed the key mistake Democrats made in this Trump trial

Nov 9, 2023

Polling data increasingly makes it clear that Democrat Judges and prosecutors are the Left’s last chance to defeat Donald Trump.

Lawfare is now Joe Biden’s main campaign strategy.

And Donald Trump’s lawyer revealed the key mistake Democrats made in this Trump trial.

Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned on a platform of weaponizing her office to get Donald Trump, and Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron teamed up to abuse the Empire State’s civil fraud statute to try and bankrupt the former President.

Engoron already ruled Trump liable of fraud by inflating the value of his assets before the trial even started.

But now the rigged process is in the penalty phase, where Engoron gets to decide how much in damages James can collect.

Trump testified in the case, and that caused Engoron to fly off the handle, snapping at him and shouting at his lawyers.

Attorney Alina Habba appeared on Larry Kudlow’s Fox Business show to explain that what triggered Engoron so badly was the fact that Trump debunked the false allegations of inflating the value of his assets every time he answered a question.

“There was a fiery exchange with the judge,” Habba stated. “Frankly, I can’t even say it was with the judge and I… I’m very polite, I’m very professional when I’m in the courtroom, but the judge did not like him finishing or explaining because it wasn’t good for his case. He is interfering. He made his decision, let’s not forget that, Larry. He made a decision on summary judgment. He found liability already.”

There is no victim in the case.

Trump paid back every bank loan with interest.

James and Engoron are on a political retribution tour to exact vengeance on Trump for winning in 2016, for contesting the results of the 2020 election, and for running again in 2024.

“We’re wasting all this time, and he won’t even let the President, who is the person they’re trying to get to, explain why he certified to certain values,” Habba added. “Why? Because the minute he starts to explain it, it ruins their case. He was worth more than his statement of financial conditions, and Miss James, her politics are not allowed to backtrack. She needs a PR team, I’m telling you.”

Habba added that Trump’s team already appealed the decision to find him liable for fraud and that Judge Engoron’s biased conduct opened the door for a mistrial.

“We are obviously going to move to completely dismiss this case. There should be a mistrial based on some of the things you mentioned today that I can’t talk about,” Habba continued. “There should be a mistrial here. Bias in general, I’ll say. There is a judicial code of ethics. Those ethics extend to the entire courtroom and when you violate the rules of judicial ethics there need to be certain things that hold you accountable.”

By forcing Trump to stand for patently obvious show trials like this farce in New York, Democrats undercut their argument that he is a criminal felon and therefore Americans should not vote for him.

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