Donald Trump’s supporters were grinning from ear to ear after seeing this shocking new poll

Mar 2, 2023

Other Republicans are challenging Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination.

The establishment is hoping to settle on a strategy to deny victory to Trump.

But Donald Trump’s supporters were grinning from ear to ear after seeing this shocking new poll.

A brand new Emerson College poll found Donald Trump leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by 30 points in the GOP Primary.

This poll was the latest in a series of surveys showing Trump’s support in the GOP Primary is growing.

“In the 2024 Republican Primary, President Donald Trump continues to hold 55% of the vote. This number reflects his standing in the January Emerson poll, as well as the June 2022 Emerson poll. A quarter of Republican primary voters (25%) support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the GOP nomination, a four point decrease since last month when he held 29% support. Former Vice President Mike Pence holds 8%, and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley holds 5%. Both Pence and Haley have increased their support by two percentage points since last month,” Emerson wrote about their polling.

When only the declared candidates were included in the poll, Trump led Nikki Haley by a whopping 61 points and took 79 percent of the vote.

“On a ballot of exclusively individuals who have announced their candidacy, 79% of respondents would support Donald Trump, 18% Nikki Haley, and 4% Vivek Ramaswamy,” Emerson reported.

But the biggest takeaway from the Emerson poll was that it is the latest piece of evidence debunking the establishment GOP lie that Donald Trump can’t win a General Election.

This survey found that Trump led Joe Biden by four points – which is outside the poll’s margin of error – while Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis trailed Biden.

Emerson reported:

In the Emerson College survey, Trump would topple Biden if the election were held right now, 46%-42%, which is just outside the margin of error of 2.9%.

But Biden would beat DeSantis, 44%-40%, and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, 40%-37%.

Trump’s uptick in GOP support comes after several weeks of calling for an end to supporting Joe Biden’s blank check for his dangerous proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.

Trump warned of the risk of nuclear confrontation with Russia while also slamming Biden for ignoring problems at home like the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Trump’s America First conservative message was always far more popular with voters than establishment Republicans, Democrats, and the corporate-controlled media wanted to admit.

And if Trump can stick to his anti-establishment message on immigration, trade, and foreign policy, he will be in far stronger shape in the 2024 election than many predict.

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