Dr. Oz may be thankful for his opponent’s latest campaign ad

Jul 21, 2022

Democrat politicians believe pop culture celebrities drive the way Americans vote.

And the so-called “celebrities” are more than happy to play their part.

But now Dr. Oz may be actually thanking his opponent for running this campaign ad.

Pennsylvania: Pursue Your Happiness

The U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania is one of the most interesting in the country.

The seat is currently occupied by RINO Pat Toomey, who is retiring.

If the GOP hopes to take back the majority of the upper chamber in 2022, holding this seat is key.

And the radical Democrat nominee in the contest is Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

Fetterman has been missing in action from the campaign trail due to heart-health problems.

However, the Republican nominee is Dr. Oz, who has had an issue bringing the party together behind him and is being constantly attacked as a “carpetbagger,” who only moved to the Keystone State to run for office.

Oz is a Turkish-American who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but went to the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to running for the U.S. Senate, Oz and his wife lived in New Jersey to be closer to his television studio location in New York City for his daytime health-focused talk show.

Snooki the political prognosticator

While Fetterman is avoiding the public, he’s still hitting his opponent hard – with the “carpetbagger” accusation front-and-center.

In fact, he’s now running an ad featuring Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from Jersey Shore fame.

“Hey Mehmet (Oz), this is Nicole, Snooki, and ummm, I’m from Jersey Shore, I don’t know if you’ve seen of it before, but I’m a hot mess on a reality show, basically, and I enjoy life,” Snooki says in the Cameo video turned into a campaign ad. “Ummm, but I heard, you moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to look for a new job. And personally, I don’t know why anyone would wanna leave Jersey, because it’s, like, the best place ever, and we’re all hot messes. But I want to say best of luck to you. I know you’re away from home, and in a new place, but Jersey will not forget you. I just want to let you know, I will not forget you. And don’t worry, because you’ll be back home in Jersey soon, this is only temporary. So, good luck, you got this, and Jersey loves you.”

Fetterman tweeted the ad on his Twitter account, with the caption, “Hey Dr. Oz, Jersey loves you and will not forget you!”

Brilliance or backfire?

This strategy is either insane or brilliant.

In the Cameo video, Snooki actually gets several burns on Dr. Oz, hammering home the idea he lacks Pennsylvania connections.

But will Pennsylvania voters be influenced by a self-admitted “hot mess” of a reality star?

The truth is, it’s difficult for Oz to hit back too hard, because he, himself, came to fame as somewhat of a reality television star.

Fetterman also recently hired a plane to fly a banner over beachgoers on the Jersey Shore that read: “Hey Dr. Oz, Welcome Home to New Jersey!”

But, Snooki, really?

Is that the best spokesperson for your campaign?

Oz has answered the “carpetbagger” attacks by reminding voters of his time at University of Pennsylvania – and that two of his children were born in the Keystone State.

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