Ed O’Neill had fans fuming after he threw middle America under the bus

Feb 15, 2024

Through Modern Family and Married with Children, Ed O’Neill has become one of America’s most cherished actors.

But all that admiration and respect for Ed is about to go down the drain once people see this story. 

And Ed O’Neill had fans fuming after he threw middle America under the bus. 

Dads have always ruled the television

There have been some iconic dads in cinema. 

When you look back at some of the best and most iconic shows to ever run on our airwaves, most of them have an iconic dad figure who carries the program. 

Back in the days, you had Archie Bunker from All in the Family and James Evans Sr. from Good Times

More recently, many of us grew up watching Tim Allen as Tim Taylor on Home Improvement and Bob Saget playing Danny Tanner on Full House. 

But no actor in recent memory has made more out of their career by playing beloved father roles than Ed O’Neill. 

Ed O’Neill has been the face of fatherhood in Hollywood over the decades. 

He played one of the most iconic dad figures in sitcom history as Al Bundy in Married with Children

Episode after episode, O’Neill found ways to make his bad luck and middle-class working father connect with viewers throughout the late 80s and 90s. 

From 2009 to 2020, O’Neill took back his role as America’s dad in Modern Family as family patriarch Jay Pritchett. 

But O’Neill’s title as one of America’s dads may be coming to an end. 

O’Neill loses it over a Republican

Some Democrats have been flipping out that Youngstown State University would pick former Ohio Republican Congressman Bill Johnson as their next university President. 

And one of those people freaking out about the new hire for Youngstown State is Ed O’Neill. 

With all the chaos and radicalization happening on college campuses across the country, O’Neill is singling out Youngstown State for hiring a Republican.

Last month, O’Neill claimed on MSNBC that he was going to return an honorary degree he received from Youngstown State for their new hire. 

“I was so disappointed when I heard about this decision,” he said. “He’s a polarizing guy, an election denier. He’s not the biggest fan of the gay community. He’s anti-choice. He’s just a polarizing, far right-wing fanatical guy.”

“When I got the honorary doctorate, I used to tell my kids, ‘Call me doctor,’ you know, ‘I’m a doctor, an actual doctor,’” he continued. “I was very proud of it, but I can’t keep it. It doesn’t mean anything to me now.”

“And I can’t have it,” he added. “I’m giving it back.”

These comments have many losing what respect they had left for Ed O’Neill. 

Schools are radicalizing their students all across the country. 

Apparently, those aren’t issues worth O’Neill’s time. 

But when a school hires a Republican, then it’s the end of the world for O’Neill. 

That’s why we all just have to stick with Tim Allen. 

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