Ex-Playboy model found herself sentenced to prison after doing unthinkable acts to a psychiatrist

Jan 17, 2023

We always hear stories of people snapping and doing horrible things to other people. 

But of all the headlines you have seen of people losing it, very few come even close to this one.

And an ex-Playboy model found herself sentenced to prison after doing unthinkable acts to a psychiatrist.

Since the fall of man, man is inherently bad

Ever since the fall of man that started with Adam and Eve, humanity has been filled with depravity. 

A lot of people’s mindsets are fixated toward doing wrong rather than doing right. 

And over the years we have seen exactly what can happen when someone’s dark side of their mind takes over. 

Just look at all the horrible murders and atrocities we’ve seen in the news over the decades.

People seem to forget that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was inspired by true events. 

Back 1957, the Butcher of Plainfield was arrested for multiple murders and exhuming corpses, which included some serious dismantling of their bodies. 

Any more recently the nation has been captivated by the University of Idaho murders where four students were brutally executed in their home. 

The list of people snapping goes on and on. 

But few would ever expect a Playboy model to lose it and completely snap. 

Playboy bunny kills

Kelsey Turner has made a decent career out of modeling for the top fashion magazines in the world. 

Throughout her career she has worked with Maxim, Playboy, Players Magazine, Fire and Ice, and Modelmania.

And just within the past couple of years she has tried to expand beyond modeling with her own apparel brand called “Badd Barbie.”

Well, it looks like she took her brand name to heart as she has now been sentenced for murder. 

On Tuesday, a Clark County, Nevada judge sentenced the former Playboy bombshell to serve ten to twenty five years in prison for her role in a 2019 murder. 

According to police, child psychiatrist Thomas Burchard went to Las Vegas to end his romantic relationship with Kelsey Turner.

The 71-year-old psychiatrist and the model were having a totally healthy relationship where he would fund her lavish lifestyle in return for their relationship. 

In total, Burchard supposedly gave the former Playboy model over $300,000.

Well, Turner wasn’t going to end the relationship lightly and let her sugar daddy off the hook. 

With the help of her other boyfriend (girl got around), Turner murdered the doctor, stuffed his body in a car, drove it into the desert and left the car there hoping no one would find it. 

What would drive this girl to commit such a crime? 

She had everything going for her. 

She already had two guys wrapped around her fingers. 

No one really thinks it would have been hard for her to find another sugar daddy to supply her with outlandish amounts of money. 

But here we are with another senseless killing.

One can only assume that such actions were caused by Turner’s depraved mind.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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