Fani Willis got the brutal ruling from a judge that she feared the most

Jun 7, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis thought her indictment of Donald Trump was her ticket to political glory.

But Willis got some bad news.

And Fani Willis got the brutal ruling from a judge that she feared the most.

Georgia Court stays all criminal proceedings against Donald Trump

The Georgia Court of Appeals stayed all proceedings in Willis’ sprawling and constitutionally dubious RICO case against Donald Trump and 18 of his aides, lawyers, and supporters.

“The proceedings below in the Superior Court of Fulton County are hereby stayed pending the outcome of these appeals,” the court order pausing the case read.

This order was a mere formality.

That’s because the court docketed oral arguments in Donald Trump’s appeal to get Willis disqualified from the case for October 4.

The Court of Appeals stopped all activity in the case because there are active questions before the court that could hinder any attempt for it to proceed should the court rule in Trump’s favor and boot Willis.

Trump attorney Steve Sadow thanked the court for making the proper decision.

“The Georgia Court of Appeals has properly stayed all proceedings against President Trump in the trial court pending its decision on our interlocutory appeal which argues the case should be dismissed and Fulton County DA Willis should be disqualified for her misconduct,” Sadow declared.

Trump, for his part, said he was happy with his legal team.

“No,” Trump responded when asked if he would shake up his lawyers following the conviction in Manhattan’s kangaroo court.

“It’s a rigged system and it’s a terrible system actually,” Trump added.

Trump also expressed his satisfaction with the ruling in Georgia.

“I think we’re doing very well. We had a big thing happen in Georgia today,” Trump continued.

What this ruling means

This ruling ends any possibility that the Georgia case would go to trial before the election.

That was highly unlikely anyway.

Willis tried to make a big splash and hide the weakness of her case – it amounted to charging Trump with a crime for asking for recounts and taking steps to keep legal challenges to the results in Georgia alive – by indicting the biggest number of people possible.

This case is the criminalization of politics where Willis drew a line that sought to establish a precedent to make it illegal for Republicans to contest the outcome of elections.

But Willis may never get to see this case come to fruition.

That’s because she still needs to survive two rounds of legal challenges – the losing side can appeal to the State Supreme Court – to her remaining on the case.

Trump and his co-defendants’ argued Willis has a conflict of interest in this case owing to the fact that Willis hired her lover Nathan Wade as the special prosecutor.

Wade billed the county for $654,000 in legal fees and then allegedly paid for him and Wills to go on vacation.

Trump and his co-defendants argued Wade and Willis dragged this investigation on for two years because it was to their financial benefit.

Democrats have no one to blame but Willis for this case not moving forward.

Willis opened the door to these challenges through her own conduct.

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