Fani Willis received this bone-chilling warning that she is going to hate

May 10, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is getting a sense of just how much trouble she’s really in.

The reality check is sobering.

And Fani Willis received this bone-chilling warning that she is going to hate.

Fani Willis gets bad news out of Georgia

Donald Trump racked up a series of wins in court that all but guaranteed none of his other three criminal cases will go to trial before the November election.

Jack Smith’s show trial in Washington, D.C., for contesting the 2020 election is on ice thanks to the Supreme Court taking up Trump’s appeal for Presidential immunity.

Smith ran into a fair Judge in Florida with Aileen Cannon, who’s refusing to go along with his attempt to railroad Trump before the election in the classified documents case.

Cannon indefinitely paused that trial in order to sort out the myriad of complex pre-trial motions.

And down in Georgia, the State Appellate Court agreed to hear Trump and his co-defendants appeal of Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling that allowed Willis to remain on the case in spite of conflict-of-interest allegations.

Democrats’ lawfare plan collapses

Fox News legal analyst Paul Mauro laid out in stark terms how the plan to weaponize the justice system against Trump is “falling apart.”

Part of the problem, Mauro told host Harris Faulkner, is that the Democrats unloading a gatling gun of indictments made it impossible for these trials to move forward because they all create schedule conflicts.

“They’re all falling apart. Part of what’s going on here is that in the rush to indict Trump, they’re all stepping all over each other,” Mauro began.

“So Judge Cannon in Florida has the wherewithal to say, I’m going to postpone this case because he’s stuck in New York. And these cases are all conflicting. Now you get this mess relative to the evidence,” Mauro added.

Mauro explained that Jack Smith’s federal cases sitting in limbo left only Fani Willis’ joke indictment for challenging the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

 “The federal case is not going to be heard until after the election. That looks almost certain. So what’s left? You got the Fani case. Here’s the thing about the Fani case,” Mauro continued.

Fani Willis’ growing legal issues

Willis faced disqualification in the Georgia case over the fact that she hired her lover Nathan Wade to act as the special prosecutor.

Wade then hauled in $654,000 in legal fees over two years.

And Willis and Wade face allegations of honest services fraud due to him then paying for the two to go on swanky vacations.

In his ruling, McAfee all but accused Willis of perjuring herself when she testified under oath that her relationship with Wade didn’t start until after she hired him to run the Trump witch hunt.

Mauro told Faulker that the Georgia State Senate is investigating Willis, who is refusing to cooperate.

“Now the Senate there is investigating. They have subpoena power. She says she won’t respond. Let’s see if they can get her in. Here’s the Holy Grail there, especially with the case having gone up on appeal,” Mauro added.

In the disqualification hearing, metadata from Wade’s phone showed it remained in Willis’ neighborhood overnight in 2021, long before she testified the two began their sexual relationship.

Mauro said that the combination of the investigation and the Appellate Court hearing the case to disqualify her could allow investigators to get their hands on her text messages with Wade, which would be the smoking gun since they would show when the two began dating.

And that, Mauro declared, would be all the proof needed to arrest Willis on perjury charges.

“You need to get the evidence of her texts and other material between her and Nathan Wade. You’ll open her up to perjury,” he concluded.

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