Fani Willis’ sex scandal just took this eyebrow-raising turn

Feb 13, 2024

The latest shoe dropped in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ corruption scandal.

Now the feds are involved.

And Fani Willis’ sex scandal just took this eyebrow-raising turn.

Florida Congressman Cory Mills introduced the “Against Federal Funds for Allowing Inappropriate Relationships Act,” or the AFFAIR Act.

If passed, this legislation would strip all federal funds from “any state or local chief prosecutor if any individual in such office has been convicted for engaging in corruption or any other unlawful activity.”

Mills told the Washington Examiner that he introduced the legislation after Willis admitted in court filings to an affair with Nathan Wade, the man she hired as special prosecutor in the Georgia 2020 election witch hunt against Donald Trump.

Wade billed Willis’ office for $654,000 between 2021 and 2023 and now faces allegations that he paid her kickbacks by using some of the money to take the couple on vacations.

“Not only was Fani Willis’ relationship with Nathan Wade extremely inappropriate and creates concerns around a conflict of interest, but it also potentially shows violations of bias against political opposition, and lawfare for election interference,” Mills told the Washington Examiner. “Under no circumstance should federal funds be sent to a state or local office if there is unlawful and unethical activity taking place.”

“Our nation was founded on the steadfast tenets that liberty and justice — including the fair and equal application of the law — are crucial to ensuring the preservation of our constitutional republic,” Mills wrote. “I’m proud to introduce the AFFAIR Act to ensure American taxpayer dollars will not be misappropriated or weaponized due to unlawful and unethical activities.” 

These allegations against Willis surfaced when Trump co-defendant Mark Roman filed a motion with Judge Scott McAfee to disqualify her from the case over a conflict of interest.

Roman alleged that Willis hired her lover – who never handled a felony case before – to work on the Trump case, and the two allegedly ran it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Judge McAfee ordered a February 15 hearing on the matter.

If Willis gets disqualified from the case, then the state of Georgia must find a new prosecutor, which could prove extremely difficult given the political nature of the case and the damage done to the charges by Willis’ conduct.

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