Fani Willis was blindsided when Marjorie Taylor Greene threw her this nasty curveball

Feb 1, 2024

Democrat prosecutor Fani Willis is in the hot seat after she allegedly engaged in an improper relationship.

She’s beginning to face the blowback for her relationship.

And Fani Willis was blindsided when Marjorie Taylor Greene threw her this nasty curveball.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is embroiled in a massive scandal after she was hit with allegations that she engaged in an improper relationship with Nathan Wade.

Willis hired Wade to serve as the special prosecutor on her RICO criminal case against former President Donald Trump for contesting Georgia’s 2020 election results.

Wade had no experience prosecuting felonies and was paid $50 per hour more than another special prosecutor who is an expert in Georgia’s RICO law.

He was paid over $650,000 in taxpayer money for his work on the case and is accused of using that money to pay for the pair of alleged lovers to go on luxurious vacations.

Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is going on the offensive by lodging an ethics complaint against Wade.

Fani Willis’ “secret boyfriend” is in the hot seat for allegedly violating ethics rules

Greene lodged an ethics complaint against Nathan Wade – whom she called Willis’ “secret boyfriend” – with the State Ethics Commission for “potential serious violations” of Georgia law by not registering as a lobbyist and filing the proper paperwork disclosing his “excess gifts” to Willis.

“Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis stands credibly accused of using Fulton County and federal COVID funds to pay her unqualified, secret boyfriend Nathan Wade–who has never tried a felony case–$250 per hour to collude with the Biden White House counsel and help Fani Willis bring unprecedented RICO felony charges against President Trump and 18 co-defendants,” Greene wrote in the complaint.

Wade reportedly met with Biden administration officials before the criminal case was filed against Trump.

“Willis allegedly paid her secret boyfriend a significantly higher hourly rate than another one of her special prosecutors who actually has significant experience,” Greene continued. “And with the nearly $700,000 Wade has collected in government funds as one of Willis’ special prosecutors, he has allegedly taken her on a luxury Caribbean cruise, a trip to Napa, and other lavish trips.”

Wade was paid $250 per hour while John Floyd, an expert on Georgia’s RICO law, was paid $200 an hour.

The complaint said that Wade committed “serious violations” of Georgia campaign finance law and that the “public has a right to know who, or what, has influence over the officials employed by their tax dollars.”

Wade’s law firm, Wade & Campbell, which was paid for the special prosecutor work, is alleged to be a vendor with the state under the Georgia Campaign Finance Act.

 Wade is a lobbyist under the law, which requires him to report his lobbying activity.

“So no wonder Nathan Wade refused to disclose his solicitation of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, which blossomed into a sweetheart deal for his law firm as Willis appointed Wade to be a special prosecutor in a thoroughly corrupt case against President Donald Trump,” Greene wrote. “Had Wade done so as required by Georgia law, the public could and would have caught on to Willis’ self-serving gambit to prosecute President Trump, win the adoration of the radical Left, and finance an extravagant affair with Wade. For his part in this highly illicit scheme, Wade should be fully prosecuted under the Georgia Campaign Finance Act, ensuring true justice for Georgians.”

The problems are piling up for Nathan Wade and Fani Willis with no end in sight.

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