Fox News executives hit the panic button over one set of numbers that could bring down the network

May 2, 2023

Over the past several decades, Fox News has been a juggernaut in the cable news industry as the right-wing news outlet.

But the Fox News empire may finally be crumbling.

And Fox News executives hit the panic button over one set of numbers that could bring down the network.

Fox News is out of its prime

Everyone always wants to be the top dog.

In cable news, Fox News has been the top dog for years.

CNN and MSNBC have always tried to compete with Fox.

But nearly every program and show on the network is filled with lies, misinformation, and slander against Republicans.

Most of the viewers for CNN and MSNBC can see through all of the lies that they put on the television.

If it wasn’t for airports playing CNN all the time, chances are the network wouldn’t have enough viewers to keep running its programs.

But Fox News has been slipping away from its original roots of conservatism.

Over the past three years, Fox News took a sharp turn to the Left on many issues.

Newt Gingrich was attacked on the network for bringing up the fact that George Soros is bankrolling woke politicians and prosecutors across the country.

But any credibility Fox News had left with conservatives was decimated when they abruptly fired Tucker Carlson.

Fox News can’t survive these numbers

Tucker Carlson was one of the most straight-foward political pundits on television who really cared about the American people.

But Carlson is no longer on the network, and Fox News is paying a price for taking him off the air.

Brian Kilmeade was given the impossible task of filling Carlson’s shoes during the 8PM time slot.

And as of last Wednesday, the 8PM show with Kilmeade finished a dismal third place in viewership after only bringing in 1.33 millions viewers compared to 1.38 million viewers for CNN and MSNBC.

If these numbers hold up, the leader in cable news may not be around in a couple of years.

Tucker Carlson used to bring in over three-million viewers, but now Fox is barely able to get one-million viewers to tune in to their 8PM programming.

And reports are coming out that the 8PM time slot for Fox News is having its worst viewership ratings since 9/11 for the highly coveted 25 to 54 year-old age group.

If these trends continue, Fox News will not be around as a powerhouse for much longer.

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