Fox News tricked Joe Biden into a shocking admission about stealing classified documents

Jan 13, 2023

Joe Biden’s stolen documents scandal grows by the day.

Biden and his team sought to put out the fires.

And Fox News tricked Joe Biden into a shocking admission about stealing classified documents.

A compliant corporate-controlled media eagerly went along with the Biden team’s spin that six years ago Biden inadvertently stole classified documents and hid them in three different locations.

But Biden’s own alibi collapsed because Biden’s cognitive decline caused him to forget the official story his lawyers prepared for him.

Biden’s lawyers revealed that on December 20 they found a second set of classified documents in a box located in a garage in a home in Wilmington, Delaware that records show Hunter Biden owned.

Biden tried to address the scandal with a prepared statement written by White House lawyers when Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy shouted a question at Biden asking why he kept classified materials next to his Corvette.

“Mr. President, classified materials, next to your Corvette? What were you thinking?” Doocy asked.

Biden shot back that there was a lock on the garage so it didn’t matter.

“My Corvette’s in a locked garage, okay? So it’s not like they’re sitting out on the street,” Biden responded.

Later on Fox News, contributor Guy Benson noted the significance of Biden’s response and congratulated Doocy for eliciting more information from Biden than his lawyers wanted to reveal.

“I want to give some credit to our colleague Peter Doocy who very cleverly I think baited the President into making the news that he did,” Benson stated. “Because it was a brick wall at the press briefing today.”

Benson pointed out that by Biden admitting he kept classified documents in a garage Biden admitted to not storing the documents in a secure area.

And by Biden blurting out that he locked the documents away it eliminated Biden’s ability to offer up a defense that he had no idea the documents were in the garage and just ended up at his house by mistake when his staff packed up his belongings after leaving the Vice Presidency in January 2017.

“Biden had a card in front of him with a prepared statement to read. And he started to read it. He got about a syllable in, but that word ‘Corvette’ clearly was like an earworm in his brain that Peter had sort of set the question up that way and he couldn’t resist commenting on it. Then he made the news saying, ‘Oh yeah, it’s in a locked garage with my Corvette. It’s not like it was out on the street.’ Which is nowhere close to the standard of what the law mandates when it comes to classified material material,” Benson added.

Benson concluded by joking that Biden’s answer “probably caused somebody in the White House Counsel’s Office to punch a wall somewhere.”

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