Golf legend John Daly and model Paige Spiranic just announced that they’re teaming up for a live event that could break the Internet

Jan 27, 2023

John Daly is known for pulling some shots in his golfing career. 

But not many people think he can pull off a win over Internet influencer and former golfer Paige Spiranic. 

Now we may get the chance to find out as golf legend John Daly and model Paige Spiranic just announced that they’re teaming up for a live event that could break the Internet. 

Two American Icons in Golf

Besides football and baseball, golf is one of the most played sports among conservatives. 

It’s a sport that literally anyone can play and have a chance of being decent at no matter their age. 

Just look at how 76-year-old Donald Trump is out there looking like a PGA tour pro swinging his clubs. 

But even though a lot of conservatives play and watch golf, there really aren’t that many conservative icons in the sport. 

And really, the only one which puts himself out there as being an America First professional sports athlete is John Daly. 

Many of us remember John Daly’s rise to fame as he won the 1991 PGA Championship before anyone even knew who he was. 

The man came out there on the greens on live television with a mullet to his back and a beer in his hand and boy did he show the world what a real PGA champion looks like.

And ever since that golf tournament he has been an icon for deplorables everywhere and a symbol of real America in a sport infested with a bunch of rich elitists. 

But the only other person who probably has more of a following in golf than John Daly these days is Paige Spiranic. 

Paige was a professional golfer herself, but her real claim to fame is being a world-class model.

Using social media, Spirinac has positioned herself as one of the most iconic and recognizable supermodels in the United States. 

And needless to say, she knows how to use what her mama gave her. 

But she’s a heck of a lot more than looks as she is also a world class golfer who could probably compete with any guy out there playing a round. 

Thankfully for America and golf fans, these two American icons are coming together to make what could be the most-watched golf event in history.

Beauty vs. the Beast

Paige Spiranic announced on Twitter that the two were teaming up for a one on one tournament called “Beauty vs The Beast.”

She tweeted out a graphic of the event with the caption “The legend John Daly and I are playing a match against each other June 5th!”

The biggest question fans are now pondering is whether or not the match up will be aired on television. 

Many hope it is on some sports network like Fox Sports as it will be one of the most-watched events golf has had in a long time.

Having these two legends pitted against each other is exactly what our nation needs, two red-blooded Americans to look up too. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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