Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow just weighed in on the Deion Sanders phenomenon, and he did not hold back

Sep 18, 2023

Deion Sanders is currently the biggest story in all of college football.

He may even be the biggest story in all of sports.

And Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow just weighed in on the Deion Sanders phenomenon, and he did not hold back.

It seems everyone in the world of sports is weighing in on Colorado Buffalo Coach and former NFL star Deion Sanders.

Doing it his way

As usual with Coach Sanders, known for years as “Prime Time,” he is doing it all his way, critics be damned.

Of course, his flamboyant style, lack of filter, and insistence on forging his own path have made him a target of scorn and ridicule by some in the sports industry.

But don’t count Tim Tebow among those detractors, as he is firmly in the pro-Deion Sanders camp.

In an interview with On3’s Nick Kosko, Tebow praised the Colorado head coach and former NFL star after leading the Buffaloes to a 2-0 start that included a huge game-one upset of TCU.

“I love it, but I also love it because he’s doing it his way,” Tebow said. “And I love it because he’s doing it with such passion and love and belief and build-up of young men. I think that’s something that sometimes gets missed. I look at what he says to them, look at the way he’s able to believe and then pour into them.”

Tebow, the former University of Florida quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner, and well-known Christian leader, commended Sanders’ leadership.

“The sign of a good coach”

Tebow specifically pointed out Sanders’ amazing motivational abilities as a coach.

“They believe they can do more and accomplish more after they’ve been around him than before,” Tebow continued. “That’s a sign of a good coach. That’s a sign of building confidence. That’s a sign of encouragement, of real encouragement. And I love that.”

The Heisman Trophy winner said he also believes that top-prospect high school players will also take notice and want to join Sanders’ exciting program.

“I think you will continue to see more players be intrigued by the way he’s doing it because I think there’s a lot of players that want to have pressure on them, but they also want to be encouraged and inspired in the moment and that’s what Prime is doing,” Tebow said.

A family affair that’s already better than last year

In its first two games, Colorado has already surpassed last season’s total win tally by defeating TCU and Nebraska. 

And at the writing of this article, they are favored by as much as 23 points to beat in-state rival Colorado State.

Colorado’s offense is a high-powered up-tempo offense led by Deion Sanders’ son Shedeur.

The younger Sanders has 903 passing yards and six touchdowns in his first two games and is on par to have one of the best seasons in Colorado Buffalo history.

While some sports talking heads have derided Sanders for both his style of play and his bombastic personality, Tebow had nothing but good things to say about his fellow Christian.

Tebow applauded the Buffaloes for playing “inspired” and “fearless” football early in the season. 

And he lauded Coach Prime Time for the way he got them there.

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