Hunter Biden made one shocking decision that has the White House in a panic

Jul 8, 2024

The Biden family is in crisis mode after the fallout from the catastrophic debate.

Now they’re trying to salvage the President’s re-election campaign. 

And Hunter Biden made one shocking decision that has the White House in a panic. 

Knives are out for Joe Biden

Democrats are in disarray after President Joe Biden turned the election upside down with his jaw-dropping debate performance.

The Biden family has vowed that the President is going to stay in the race.

But a growing number of elected Democrats are calling for him to step aside.

And behind the scenes, there’s an effort to replace him as the party’s Presidential nominee.

A small inner circle has emerged in the White House with Joe Biden’s Presidency in crisis.

Hunter Biden has emerged as a close advisor to his father after the debate.

He’s attended White House meetings with the President and his top aides.

NBC News reported that he’s become a regular at the White House during the post-debate crisis.

“One of the people familiar with the matter said Hunter Biden has been closely advising his father since the family gathered over the weekend at Camp David after Thursday’s debate. This person said Hunter Biden has ‘popped into’ a couple of meetings and phone calls the president has had with some of his advisers,” NBC News reported.

The President’s son is fresh off being convicted for three felony gun charges related to lying on a background check form for a 2018 handgun purchase.

He’s facing a trial in September for tax crimes in California.

The walls are closing in on the Biden family

Faced with a Democrat revolt over continuing his re-election campaign, Joe Biden has shrunk his inner circle to his family and a few handpicked loyalists.

Hunter Biden’s involvement in his dad’s meetings is making some White House staffers uneasy.

“What the hell is happening?” a senior White House staffer told NBC News.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates didn’t deny that Hunter Biden was heavily involved after the debate debacle.

“Hunter came back with the President from their family weekend at Camp David and went with the President straight into speech prep,” Bates said.

Hunter Biden was helping the President prepare for the speech he gave after the Supreme Court ruled that former President Donald Trump had immunity from official acts while in office.

The President’s son is one of the leading voices, along with First Lady Jill Biden, to keep Joe Biden in the race.

Some Democrats think that turning to Hunter Biden for political advice is a foolish decision for Joe Biden.

Heritage Foundation Oversight Project executive director Mike Howell told Fox News Digital that Hunter has a personal interest in keeping his dad in the Presidential race.

“It’s just a pure and simple massive interest in his dad staying President so he can pardon not only Hunter, but Joe and the rest of the family for the crimes they committed, and probably Merrick Garland, too, for his role in the cover-up,” Howell said.

Hunter Biden is becoming one of the key players in the besieged Biden White House.

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