Ilhan Omar is cackling in delight after police officers in this one city said enough is enough

Aug 23, 2023

Police officers across the nation have faced intense public scrutiny since the death of George Floyd in 2020. 

Many communities are now struggling to maintain an adequate police force.

And Ilhan Omar is cackling in delight after police officers in this one city said enough is enough. 

Law enforcement officers are under attack across America

From Los Angeles to New York City, law enforcement officers are under attack from elected officials and members of the public. 

Police officers were demonized after the death of George Floyd in 2020, which led to massive defunding efforts as well as policies that gutted law enforcement’s ability to do their jobs. 

Scores of law enforcement officers have left the force as a result, and now many communities across the nation are struggling to keep and maintain a police force. 

However, in the small town of Goodhue, Minnesota, the entire police force recently resigned due to low pay for too much work. 

This mass resignation made national headlines, with many pundits claiming that the hate-the-cops mentality is to blame. 

One such pundit is Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt, who appeared on Fox News Channel’s The Five last Wednesday to discuss this mass resignation. 

Hurt said “defund the police lunatics who pine for an anti-cop utopia just got their wish.” 

The group then pivoted their discussion to a recent case out of New York, where a crazed woman was seen walking into an intersection and holding a gun. 

Before a single shot was fired, a quick-thinking police officer brushed against her with his vehicle and knocked her over, which allowed officers on foot to safely apprehend her.

Cohost and late-night show host Greg Gutfeld responded to this viral video by saying that “I couldn’t help watching that — I’ve watched that video like 7,000 times.” 

“When cops do amazing, good things, you never see it, and when they end up doing bad things, you do,” Gutfeld added. “Oftentimes it can be from the same place: Trying to do good sometimes goes bad. In this case, it went well.”

The radical Left is directly to blame for the national shortage of law enforcement officers 

The truth is that the radical Left has never supported law enforcement. However, in the last three years, these leftists have stoked tensions against police officers. 

As a result, most communities across the nation are having a very difficult time finding new recruits. 

At the end of the day, Democrat politicians are to blame, as they helped to stoke the tensions against law enforcement after the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020. 

Nobody in their right mind wants to join the force if it means dodging, and sometimes taking, a bullet for people who hate and undervalue them. 

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